ATV Fuel Pack by Kolpin
Kolpin Fuel Packs

You'd be pretty smart to have extra fuel along on your ATV when you need it, so here's the ever-reliable Kolpin fuel pack. Made from high density polyethylene, the pack is puncture-resistant and crush-proof. The multiple molded handles are easy to grab and hang onto for carrying and filling. This ATV fuel pack is legal in all 50 states and CARB and EPA certified.

  • Puncture-resistant, crush-proof, high density polyethylene construction holds 4 gallons
  • CARB and EPA certified and legal in all 50 states
  • Self-venting and self-closing spout for spill-proof use
  • Four heavy Velcro securing straps mount flat to your ATV rack


These durable fuel packs allow you to safely carry extra fuel on your ATV, giving you peace of mind on long trips. Their versatile design also allows them to be mounted to trailers, garage walls, boats, and more.


Kolpin Fuel Packs offer durability, versatility, and convenience. The high density polyethylene construction makes them puncture resistant and crush proof, and the packs include molded handles for easy carrying and filling. These ATV fuel packs are legal in all 50 states and are CARB and EPA certified. A self-venting and self-closing spout makes for spill-proof use.

The Fuel Pack has a 4 gallon capacity and includes four Velcro straps for securing it flat to an ATV rack, allowing you to stack additional gear on top. Also available are ATV Water/Fuel Pack Brackets and Pack Mounts. The ATV Water/Fuel Pack Bracket allows you to mount the fuel pack along your ATV rack, leaving room for your other gear. The Pack Mount can be mounted to any flat drill-able surface. These two brackets feature a 1/4 turn knob for easy attachment and removal of the fuel pack. The brackets are sold separately and (2) are required for this Fuel Pack. These mounting options provide the versatility to mount your fuel pack on ATVs, UTVs, garage walls, campers, boats, and more. Looking for smaller fuel packs? Check out the 1-1/2 gallon Kolpin Fuel Pack Jr.

Kolpin Fuel Pack
4 Gallons

Product Features

  • Puncture resistant, crush proof, high density polyethylene construction
  • Molded handles for easy carrying and filling
  • CARB and EPA certified
  • Legal in all 50 states
  • Self-venting and self-closing spout for spill-proof use
  • Large 4 gallon capacity
  • Includes four heavy 1" wide Velcro securing straps to mount flat to your ATV rack
  • Can be mounted to ATVs, garage walls, boats, and more
  • ATV Fuel Pack Bracket and Pack Mount available for mounting (sold separately, 2 required for each fuel pack)
  • Compatible with the Utility Gear Rail System for use on your UTV (sold separately, requires Fuel Pack Bracket)
  • Proudly made in the USA


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