Double Launch Ramp Kit
Double Launch Ramp

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The double launch ramp kit connects two large launch ramps together with a center table top. Teach yourself new tricks, spins and more on your skateboard, longboard, skates, bike or scooter with this ramp-to-ramp transition setup. Build-up your confidence using just 1 launch ramp before using the whole system all together. Be creative and most importantly have fun when developing your arsenal of new tricks with the double launch ramp kit.

  • Ideal for skateboards, longboards, bmx bikes, skates, scooters or RC cars
  • Comes with two launch ramps and snap-on table top
  • 250 lb capacity
  • 2 mounting holes on ramps and screws included


Combines two skateboard launch ramps with a medium sized center table designed for ramp-to-ramp transitions and straight launch jumps with BMX bikes or skateboards.


The BMX Skate Double Launch Ramp kit includes two large launch ramps connected together by a medium sized transition table for performing ramp-to-ramp transition jumps or just straight launch jumps on BMX bikes or skateboards. With a textured surface to enhance traction, the Double Launch Ramp kit is molded from durable plastic to endure hours of use. The double ramp configuration also adds to the overall stability enabling riders to explore new tricks and methods.

Before using these or any other skateboard ramp, it's highly recommended to read the Skateboard Ramp Safety and Warnings instructions and take the proper precautions for a safe and enjoyable experience. For further information on securing skateboard ramps please view the detailed Skateboard Ramp Securing Methods article.

Double Ramp Launch Kit - (2) Launch Ramps with a medium sized center table
24 lbs
250 lbs
25-1/2" W x 39" L

Product Features

  • Patent #: RE38,326
  • Each ramp and the center table is made of durable, single piece molded plastic
  • Textured surface for added traction
  • 2 mounting points for hard surfaces at the rear of each ramp
  • Center transition table measures 12" L x 25-1/2" W
  • Ramps feature a 70.5° launch angle and a 25-1/2" W x 39" L riding surface
  • Must be secured firmly in place for optimal performance and safety
  • Includes mounting screws
  • Interlocking snap-together design
  • 250 lb maximum capacity
  • 1 year warranty


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