3-Channel Linebacker Cable Protector for 2.25" diameter cables

This heavy-duty cover protects up to three 2.25" diameter cords, cables, and hoses while providing safe passage for pedestrians, heavy trucks, and forklifts up to 28,420 lbs. Its tough polyurethane construction can withstand extreme weather conditions and has a large weight capacity for industrial environments. Each end has either male or female T-connectors so multiple cable protectors can be interlocked for extended custom lengths.

  • Protects 2.25" diameter cables and hoses
  • 28,420-lb per axle capacity
  • Three-channel ramp
  • 32.4-lb all-weather polyurethane construction for indoor or outdoor use
  • Each end has either male or female T-connectors
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USA 1 Year Warranty

These 3-channel Linebacker cable protectors keep cords, cables, and hoses safe from damage while providing a safe passage for heavy trucks, forklifts, and pedestrians. A reinforced, hinged lid makes it easy to place cables inside the cable ramp and the channels can each hold up to a 2.25" cable or hose. Constructed from all-weather polyurethane that holds up in heavy duty applications and extreme conditions. On the surface of the Linebacker cable protectors are safety warnings molded into the lid and a patented 5-bar tread surface for traction. Each end of the cable ramp has either a male or female T-connector that can be interlocked with additional 3-channel ramps to create extended custom lengths. Also available for this cable ramp are end caps to ensure the connectors aren't damaged and 45° angles to create different configurations.

28,420 lbs
28 lbs

Product Features

  • 3 channels to protect cables, cords, and hoses from damage
  • All-weather polyurethane construction for heavy duty applications
  • Ideal for military, industrial, mining, and other environments with heavy trucks / forklifts
  • Reinforced, hinged lid for easy cable placement
  • Safety warnings molded into lid surface
  • 5-bar patented tread surface for traction
  • Each end has a male or female T-connector
  • Create custom lengths by interlocking cable protectors
  • Easy to transport, setup, disassemble, and store
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • 1-year warranty
  • Made in the USA


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