5-Channel Y-Connector Linebacker Cable Protector for 1.3" diameter cables

Create a 45° Y-shape in modular cable ramp systems with the Linebacker General Purpose Y Protector. Holds cables up to 1.3" in diameter to prevent damage. Yellow and orange in color for visibility.

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The Linebacker general purpose Y-connector creates 45° angles for split or join cable runs while protecting cables and hoses up to 1.3" in diameter. Constructed from all-weather polyurethane to hold up in the toughest conditions and works both inside and outside. Male and female T-connectors on each end attach to the general purpose five-channel cable ramps. The patented five-bar tread on the surface provides traction to vehicles and pedestrians. A bright yellow base with an orange lid enhance visibility. This Y-shaped protector is easy to transport, setup, disassemble, and store.

5 Channel 45° Y-shaped Protector
19.75" (501.65 mm)
17.25" (438.15 mm)
1.95" (50 mm)
1.3" (33 mm)
1.3" (33 mm)
9.4 lbs (4.3 kg)
Orange Lid / Yellow Ramp

Product Features

  • Creates a 45° Y-shaped protector
  • For split or join cable runs
  • Holds cables and hoses up to 1.3" in diameter
  • All-weather polyurethane construction
  • T-shaped connectors to connect with cable ramp
  • Patented five-bar tread surface for traction
  • Easy to transport, setup, and assemble
  • Yellow base with orange lid for visibility

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