Linebacker General Purpose 5 Channel End Caps

Create a 45° Y-shape in modular cable ramp systems with the Linebacker General Purpose Y Protector. Holds cables up to 1.3" in diameter to prevent damage. Yellow and orange in color for visibility.

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The Linebacker general purpose Y protector creates 45° angles for split or join cable runs while protecting cables and hoses up to 1.3" in diameter. Constructed from all weather polyurethane to hold up in the toughest conditions and works both inside and outside. Male and female T-connectors on each end attach to the general purpose 5 channel cable ramps. The patented 5-bar tread on the surface provides traction to vehicles and pedestrians. A bright yellow base with an orange lid enhance visibility. This Y-shaped protector is easy to transport, setup, disassemble and store.

5 Channel 45° Y-shaped Protector
19-3/4" (501.65 mm)
17-1/4" (438.15 mm)
1-19/20" (50 mm)
1-3/10" (33 mm)
1-3/10" (33 mm)
9.4 lbs (4.3 kg)
Orange Lid / Yellow Ramp

Product Features

  • Creates a 45° Y-shaped protector
  • For split or join cable runs
  • Holds cables and hoses up to 1.3" in diameter
  • All weather polyurethane construction
  • T-shaped connectors to connect with cable ramp
  • Patented 5-bar tread surface for traction
  • Easy to transport, setup and assemble
  • Yellow base with orange lid for visibility

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