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Litter Box Cover

Made from high quality wicker material, these litter box covers come in two different sizes to keep your cat's business discreet and adds a touch of class to any cat litter pan.

Item # Size Length Width Height Weight Fits Status Price Quantity
14402 Large 20" 16" 19" 15 lbs Litter pan up to 15" W x 18.5" L
14502 Jumbo 23.5" 18" 20" 18 lbs Litter pan up to 17" W x 22" L


Keep your cat's litter box discreet even in hidden locations with a quality litter box cover. Made from high-quality Rhino-wicker™, the cat litter box cover won't absorb fluids or odors. Available in dark brown wicker, the box covers come in two sizes: Large and Jumbo. The litter pan cover makes it easier to clean the litter box with glide rails that the box sits on. The non-slip feet protect your flooring and keep the litter box cover planted on the ground. The removable catch tray minimizes litter scattering and picks up any other leaks.

Product Features

  • Rhino-wicker™ won't absorb fluids or odors
  • Easily clean the cover with soap and water
  • Front panel opens for easy litter cleaning
  • Litter box slides out on glide rails
  • Non-slip feet protects flooring
  • Catch tray minimizes scattered litter
  • Dark brown color


Instruction Manual

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