Loading Golf Carts

There is quite a bit of confusion when trying to determine which ramps are safe to use when loading golf carts. People have frequently asked if they could load golf carts with ramps that are not recommended for golf cart use. Bob Kay, Vice President of Discount Ramps took the time to answer in his own words:


Why, are IA-9012-2 or AFP-9012-2 ATV ramps not recommended for use with a golf carts?


We do not recommend these ramps for electric golf carts because 75% or more of the weight on these carts are on one axle instead of being equally distributed on 2 axles like ATV’s. Golf Cart batteries are typically placed in the rear and the weight of the driver sitting over the rear axle adds even more weight on the that axle. This causes too much stress on the ramps so we do NOT recommend these lighter ramps for golf carts. We always recommend the heavier duty ramps with higher weight capacities for loading vehicles that do not have equally distributed weight across both axles.

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