Race Ramps™ Solid Low Profile Car Service Ramps - 3,000 lb Capacity
Dodge Viper Shown On Our Low Profile Car Ramps For Low Clearance Vehicles

If you drive a low profile sports car like a Corvette, these race ramps give you access to the underbody to change the oil, check the transmission or simply inspect the underbody of your valuable car. Their gradual incline meets the clearance needs of vehicles like the Corvette C5 and C6, Dodge Viper, Porsche, Ferrari and Mustang without the need for extensions like other car ramps. The low profile car ramps from Brute are also great for storing or displaying your vehicle and come in two sizes and one or two piece designs.

  • 1,500 lb capacity per ramp
  • 10-3/4 degree loading angle
  • Available in 56" and 67" lengths
  • One and two piece configurations

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1 Year Warranty USA
Item # Description Length Width Height Weight Status Price Quantity
RR-56 1-Piece Ramps
For standard sports cars
56" 12" 8" 10 lbs
In Stock

RR-56-2 2-Piece Ramps
Detach to allow more creeper space
56" 12" 8" 10 lbs
In Stock

RR-XT 1-Piece Ramps
For sports cars with low clearances
67" 14" 10" 15 lbs
In Stock

RR-XT-2 2-Piece Ramps
For sports cars with low clearances
67" 14" 10" 18.5 lbs
In Stock

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These Race Ramps low profile car ramps for low clearance vehicles are the car ramp for the sports car enthusiast. These ramps were designed with a gradual incline to meet the clearance needs of vehicles like the Corvette C5's and Corvette C6's, Dodge Viper, Porsches, Ferrari, and the new Mustang without the need for extensions like other car ramps. These unique car ramps come in two sizes. The low profile race ramps have no sharp edges that could scratch your cement or painted floor and they will never rust. These ramps are manufactured from polystyrene and encapsulated with a high performance polyurethane which means they are lightweight (only 10 lbs each) and allow each ramp to hold 1500 lbs. These low profile car ramps come with straps for easy carrying so you can hang them up in the garage. If you have a low profile sports car like a Chevrolet corvette, the race ramps can quickly and easily give you access to the under body to change your oil, check the transmission, or simply inspect the underbody of your precious sports car. These low profile car ramps will not slide while you are driving your car onto them and have proven to be skid free on most surfaces. If this is not the car ramp you are looking for, then check out our complete line of car ramps.

Race Ramps low-profile car ramps
Solid core high-performance polyurethane
3,000 lbs (per pair)

Product Features

  • Lightweight but strong - A pair holds up to 3,000 lbs
  • 100% solid on all planes - Solid core
  • Built of one solid piece making them durable and sturdy
  • Will work on any level surface and are easy to drive onto
  • Will not damage your hot asphalt, cement, or painted floors of your garage
  • Will accommodate sports cars with wide tires
  • Low profile car ramps are ideal for use with low ground clearance vehicles like Corvettes
  • 1 year warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Before using the ramps ensure other persons are clear of the vehicle and the ramps
  • Ensure that the ramps are free from damage or corrosion before use.
  • Use only a single pair of wheel ramps at the front or rear, do not use two ramps on one side of the vehicle
  • Position the ramps in line with the wheels, with the steering wheel pointed straight and the incline against the tire tread
  • Carefully drive the vehicle onto the automotive ramps until it is in the correct position
  • Turn the engine off, apply the parking brake, get out of the vehicle and securely chock the remaining wheels on the ground
  • Before starting work, walk around the vehicle ensuring it is securely positioned
  • Always use jack stand if a person will be going under the vehicle
  • On completion of the work, check the parking brake is still firmly on and remove the chocks
  • It is important to drive very slowly when coming off the ramps to prevent the automotive bodywork from making contact with the car ramp
  • Exercise caution when using these car ramps with a trailer or three wheeled vehicle


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