Magneta Vertical Trailer Stand Kit


Stand your Magneta trailer vertically when not in use with this vertical trailer stand kit. The kit reduces the amount of garage space that the trailer takes up, and has four caster wheels allowing you to move it easily.


The vertical trailer stand kit from Magneta allows you trailer to be stored upright in a garage with a 9' tall ceiling, reducing the amount of floor space needed. Four caster wheels on the bottom allow the stand with trailer to be repositioned easily. For a complete list of trailers this stand is compatible with, see the 'More Info' tab above.

Product Features

  • Made for Magneta trailers
  • Stores the trailer vertically, freeing up garage space
  • Four caster wheels allow the trailer and stand to be moved easily

Warning and Usage Guidelines

This stand is compatible with the following trailers:

  • UPWC1
  • UPWC2
  • UUT1
  • UUT2
  • UUT3
  • UUT4
  • UATV1
  • UDBT2
  • UMCT1
  • UWT1
  • UWT1HD
  • USSCT1
  • UKCT1
  • UKCT2
  • UKT2V
  • UKCT3
  • UKT4
  • UKT6
  • UCT4
  • UCT6
  • UBT2 - UBT10

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