Magneta Trailer 13" Wheel and Axle Upgrade
Magneta Trailer 13" Wheel and Axle Upgrade

Smooth out the ride even more by upgrading your Magneta trailer with 13" wheels and 165x13 tires and a wide axle.


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This 13" wheel and tire upgrade for Magneta trailers replaces the stock trailer tires and axle for an even smoother ride, great for reducing shocks to the cargo. The axle is replaced with a wide axle, and the 13" wheels are shod with 165x13 tires.


Product Features

  • Designed for Magneta trailers
  • Replaces stock wheels with 13" wheels and tires
  • Provides an exceptionally smooth ride
  • Reduces bearing wear and heat buildup
  • Wheel Size 13"

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