How To: Determine the method of mounting removable wheel chocks to trucks or trailers

What is the procedure for mounting a MC-CH wheel chock to your truck or trailer?

(Wheel chock models: MC-CH-3.5, MC-CH-5.5, MC-CH-6.5)


Surface Mounting Instructions

Step 1: Remove all parts and hardware from package

Step 2: With wheel chock in the upright position, place the steel threaded studs (from the bottom up) into the back holes of the chock. Secure from the top with ¼” X 5/8” screw. Repeat this procedure with the other stud.

Step 3: To utilize the mounting hardware on the floor of a trailer, place wheel chocks on the floor in their appropriate position. Then, trace around the two studs, marking the floor of the trailer. Make sure placement is in the appropriate spot, thus allowing the motorcycle to fit on the trailer where it can be securely strapped down.

Step 4: Drill 4 holes in the floor of the trailer (2 for each mounting plate). Find the correct placement for the holes by placing the mounting plate over the marks on the floor that you created earlier. Holes should be made with a 5/16”drill bit.

Step 5: Prepare the mounting hardware for installation. On the deck of the trailer place the spacer plate (the round 2” plate with the uniform oval center opening). On the top of the spacer make sure to place the locking plate (the plate with the round hole that leads into a narrower opening). The locking plate should be placed so that the round hole is towards the back of the trailer, allowing the chock to slide forward to be secured. Secure both plates using 2”screws from the top down. From underneath the trailer place the washer and the locking nut. Tighten screws. Repeat this procedure for the other plates.

Step 6: With the hardware secured in place, slide the wheel chock in place.