Monster Wheelchair Bag

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The Monster seatback wheelchair bag is a fantastic oversized bag that is ideal for everything from shopping and laundry to hauling groceries and more. The sturdy frame holds larger and taller items, and it's made of durable, water-resistant material to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. The bag easily attaches to or removes from your chair very quickly as needed.

  • Fits both scooter style seats and chairs with push handles
  • Massive storage space fits larger items
  • Sturdy frame holds bag open if needed
  • Side compartments provide quick access to items


This wheelchair shopping bag has a solid frame that allows it to stay open to accommodate large items. Works great for shopping, laundry, groceries and lots more! The Monster Seatback wheelchair bag works with both scooters and wheelchairs. Made in the USA!


The Monster wheelchair bag is definitely a creature of its own! With this wheelchair bag's massive storage space you will be able to carry just about anything! The Monster Seatback wheelchair bag is one of the largest wheelchair bags on the market and ideal for shopping, laundry, holding groceries, and more. Features a sturdy frame allowing this wheelchair shopping bag to remain open to hold large items that may stick out the top. This cutting edge wheelchair bag is composed of a durable and water resistant material that will suit the needs of even the most demanding user. The Monster wheelchair bag includes side pockets providing quick access to items stored there. Attaches to your chair with minimal effort allowing you to install and remove the wheelchair bag very quickly. The Monster Seatback wheelchair bag is specifically engineered to work with scooter style seats and chairs that use push handles. Adjustable to accommodate the many scooters and chairs which are available on the market today.

Monster Seatback Wheelchair Bag

Product Features

  • Designed to work with both scooter style seats and chairs with push handles
  • Made with durable, water resistant material
  • Massive storage space to fit large items
  • Sturdy frame allows it to remain open if needed
  • Side compartments provide quick access to items
  • Made in the USA!
  • 6 month warranty


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3 Stars Attachment Problem

peggy from CA wrote (November 07, 2015):

I've had it for about a year and love the spaciousness and capacity. It could use the reflective strip. I love the way it attaches to a wheelchair without handlebars but the velcro is so short on the bag that it will no longer hold the bag on the chair. The velvro needs to be long enough to attach to the bottom of the bag, too.

3 Stars excellent size...........

Pat from CA wrote (May 04, 2014):

BUT< it is not possible for the seated wheelchair user to access or even open the bag while seated in the chair. I love the bag, but I need to be able to unzip and open the bag to use it..... HELP!!! - - Hi Pat, Please feel free to contact us for further assistance. We'll be happy to help and get this resolved for you. Thank you! Customer Service