Aluminum Folding Motorcycle Ramp - 7'5" Long

This all aluminum ramp system is one of our most versatile systems - Includes three ramps in one package. Connecting all three ramps allows one person to safely load motorcycles up to 1,500 lbs with ease. The heavy duty serrated rung center ramp may be used alone if a more compact solution is needed to load bikes. Use the two outer aluminum plate covered ramps separately, and you can load four wheel vehicles up to 1,500 lbs. This ramp easily folds in half or breaks down into individual ramps for compact storage.

  • Made from lightweight 'no rust' aluminum - complete system only 56.5 lbs
  • 89"L x 33-1/2"W unfolded ramp size
  • Folds down to 46" long for compact storage
  • Heavy duty runged center ramp (11 1/4"W) can be used alone or with outer sections - 1500 lb capacity
  • Two Aluminum plate covered side ramps (11-1/8"W) can also be used to load 4 wheeled vehicles- 750 lb capacity each
  • Includes 5 safety straps and bolts needed for assembly
  • Solid plate style attachment lip for center section
  • Rubber coated finger style attachment points for outer ramps
  • Arched design provides added clearance
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This bike ramp system is engineered to allow loading of you and your motorcycle or even an ATV. When using a motorcycle bike ramp like the AF-9034-HD you are equipped with the ability to load your bike into the bed of a truck or a trailer. Simply setup the motorcycle ramps and drive or walk your bike up!


The AF-9034-HD is a motorcycle bike ramp system that is fully constructed out of aluminum materials allowing you to easily walk your bike up and down the ramp. The aluminum design of this bike ramp makes it very easy to handle and store when you're loading or hauling your motorcycle. Not only are these ramps lightweight but they are also folding. These motorcycle ramps have a hinge system in the middle and fold at the hinge so that they can typically be stored next to your bike during transportation. Similar in style to our Black Widow Motorcycle Ramps, the AF-9034-HD can be assembled in two different ways.

One method is to use the bolts provided to assemble the bike ramps individually so that you have 3 single ramp sections. This method is particularly easy when you want to have the ramps as compact as possible for storing. The second method is to bolt all the motorcycle bike ramps together to form one large 89" long x 34" wide folding unit. If you choose to bolt them all together it will definitely decrease the setup time taken when you go to load or unload your bike. However, in some situations you might need an extra hand to setup the bike ramp due to the weight being 56.5 lbs when everything is bolted together.

Keep in mind that these motorcycle bike ramps are 89" long which is usually enough length with the arch to get most stock motorcycles into the bed of lower pickups and trailers. However, note that the AF-9034-HD system is not long enough to load custom choppers with longer front forks or lowered motorcycles.

Folding arched bike ramp for loading motorcycles on low 4x2 trucks or trailers
46" (approximate)
Overall: 6"
Center ramp: 6"
Sides (each): 5-1/2"
Side ramps folded together: 9" thick x 52-1/2" L x 12-1/2" W
56.5 lbs
1,500 lbs (center)
750 lbs (per side section)

Product Features

  • Folds to half its length for easy storage and transport
  • Lightweight all aluminum design
  • Ramps can be connected for added support when loading heavier bikes
  • Solid plate style attaching lip for center ramp - fingers for side sections
  • Arched frame provides added clearance
  • 1500 lb weight capacity for center section - 750 lb for each side section
  • Designed to walk your bike up and down the motorcycle ramp
  • 3 included safety straps prevent ramp kick-out to the back
  • 2 included safety straps prevent ramp kick-out to the sides
  • Slip resistant rung design prevents wheel slippage and self cleaning of the tires
  • 1 year warranty
  • Guaranteed lowest prices on these AF-9034-HD motorcycle ramps!!

Warning and Usage Guidelines

Note: Other companies are selling similar motorcycle bike ramps that are only using a 750 lb weight capacity ATV ramp for the center section and stating that it can hold 2,100 lbs. This is extremely dangerous and could result in serious injury or death if you exceed the weight of the center ramp because the weight of the bike and its rider will be distributed on to the center section alone. Loading with those ramps is unsafe even when all of the ramps are bolted together in the middle. This is because by bolting them together you are not adding strength to the arch area which is the weakest area of this type of ramp. We have been in the ramp industry for over 10 years and are loading ramp experts. We have thoroughly tested this configuration in our facility and urge you to do your research before buying a motorcycle ramp because damage to your bike or serious injury is an expensive cost to pay if you have an accident with an inadequate ramp setup.


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