This motorcycle stand kit includes a center stand, front wheel roller, and rear wheel roller for easy, one-person loading along with stable support and free-spinning tires. The center stand raises your bike from 5-1/2" to 9-1/2" for maintenance or storage, while the front and rear rollers make for easy loading while allowing the wheels to be turned. Each component can be used together or separately depending on your needs.

  • Lifts a motorcycle for off-season storage or maintenance
  • Includes a center stand, rear wheel roller, and front wheel roller
  • Easy, one-person loading
  • Allows tires to be spin freely for maintenance, washing, and preventing flat spots
  • 850 lb weight capacity
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1 Year Warranty USA
Motorcycle Bike Stand Kit - Includes the NR123 Center Stand, NR427 Rear Wheel Roller and NR923 Front Wheel Roller
5-1/2" to 9-1/2"
850 lbs


ERT Chocks bike stand is the perfect system to lift a motorcycle for off-season storage and maintenance. A front-rear roller system enables one-person loading and allows the tires to spin freely while providing solid and stable support.


ERT Chocks, made in the USA, NR1127 Motorcycle Bike Stand features a heavy-duty cross-link system for optimal lifting, with a front and rear rollers to load a motorcycle and allow the tires to spin freely for maintenance and to prevent flat wear spots during off-season storage. The NR1127 includes a rear motorcycle wheel roller, a center motorcycle stand, and a front motorcycle wheel roller. The front-end 3" wheel V-Plates provide front wheel stabilization and a 10¼" rear balancing roller stabilizes the motorcycle in an upright position. Setup is quick, only requiring the use of a ¾" socket and ratchet or wrench to turn the Threaded Lift Bar from a height of 5½" to 9½", lifting the motorcycle for tire spin access.

For loading and unloading, simply align the stand in the desired location and walk the motorcycle into place. The NR1127 Motorcycle Bike Stand also has a variable, adjustable length extending the 1½" steel tubular construction from 24" to 39" to accommodate a variety of motorcycles on the 2" wide lift platform. Complete with a durable black powder-coat finish. It's not recommended to use the NR1127 as a dynamometer.

Product Features

  • Allows motorcycle wheels to be turned on rollers during storage to prevent flat spots
  • Lifts the motorcycle to spin front or rear tires freely for washing & maintenance
  • Heavy-duty Cross-Link System
  • Threaded Lift Bar and Pivot Plate
  • Requires a 3/4" socket & ratchet/wrench for operation
  • 3" wheel V-Plates (lock into place, providing stabilization)
  • Adjustable lifting height from 5½" to 9½"
  • Variable length from 24" to 39" (Center to Center)
  • Durable Powder-coat finish
  • Weighs 40 lbs
  • 2" wide lift platform
  • Steel Tube Construction: Inside 1½" / Outside 1¾"
  • 10-1/4" Wide, Rear Roller stabilizer included
  • Lifts pressure from tires and shocks in a solid upright position
  • The center stand can be used alone for light maintenance, oil and part changes
  • Motorcycle can be stored on the rollers, off the ground
  • 1 Year warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • NOT intended for use as a motorcycle Dynamometer


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