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Keep your priceless or pristine paint job protected and dust free while stored indoors with a motorcycle dust cover. Available to fit on many sport bikes, cruisers, and touring bikes on the market today!


A convenient scratch-proof indoor motorcycle cover that keeps your motorcycle dust-free and better yet, scratch-free. The motorcycle dust cover is a perfect storage solution for Sport, Touring, and Cruiser style motorcycles for indoor storing. The scratch-proof design of the motorcycle dust cover allows it work well indoors and stores away easily in its matching storage bag. The motorcycle dust cover provides superior protection to your entire bike from dirt, dust, and sun damage when stored indoors. The strong and durable outer fabric resists fading from UV rays and protects your motorcycle's paint. Securing the cover to your motorcycle is as simple as tightening two hooked elastic tie-down cords that hold the cover tight across the bottom and the bottom of the dust cover is lockable too!

Motorcycle Dust Cover
PolyPro™ Fabric

Product Features

  • Keeps bike dust-free and protected while stored indoors
  • Protects against indoor dirt and dust
  • Scratch-proof PolyPro™ fabric breathes to allow inside moisture to escape
  • Two hooked elastic tie-down cords hold cover tight across the bottom
  • Includes matching storage bag
  • Lockable bottom
  • 1 year warranty


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