Motorcycle GPS Bag

This magnetic motorcycle tank bag can be placed on a metal gas tank horizontally or vertically, accommodating a GPS unit or map. The tank bag has a handcrafted lambskin leather construction and uses powerful neodymium magnets to stay firmly in place at any safe operating speed.

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Conveniently carry your GPS unit or map right on your motorcycle gas tank with the Motorcycle GPS Bag. This magnetic tank bag may be attached horizontally or vertically and includes a large main compartment to store your wallet, glasses, cell phone, or other gear. The front center pocket is designed specifically for a GPS or map and includes a 7" x 3" see-through window. The tank bag's soft, lambskin construction provides non-scratch contact and the powerful neodymium magnets provide a stable grip at any safe speed. The back of the GPS tank bag includes leather loops, allowing you to attach the bag to your belt for safe keeping when away from your bike.

"GPS/MAP" Model Magnetic Tank Bag with Pocket for GPS or Map
(main bag only - doesn't include 2" wings w/magnets)

Product Features

  • High quality, padded lambskin leather construction that won't scratch your bike
  • Strong neodymium magnets securely adhere to a metal gas tank at any safe speed
  • May be placed in a vertical or horizontal position for a map or GPS unit
  • Large zippered main compartment with inner zippered pocket
  • Front center pocket with large see-through window for GPS or map
  • Leather loops on back allow you to attach the bag to your belt

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