14" Front Wheel Extension for Black Widow BW-1000A Lift Table
Black WIdow Motorcycle Lift Front Extension Kit

Extend the length of your Black Widow motorcycle lift table by 14" in order to safely service choppers or other long motorcycles. Extends usable length of table to 92 3/4".

  • 14" extension for servicing choppers and other long motorcycles

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1 Year Warranty


Extend the length of the BW-1000A Motorcycle Lift Table by 14" for longer motorcycles.


The Black Widow Motorcycle Lift Front Extension Kit adds an aditional 14" length to your BW-1000A Lift Table for choppers and longer bikes. You'll now have a 92-3/4" long table surface for your bike.

Extends the BW-1000A Lift to a total length of 92-3/4"

Product Features

  • Black powder coated steel construction
  • 14" long extension
  • Great for choppers and other longer motorcycles
  • 1 Year Warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Drilling is required for the front wheel stop

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