Black Widow Extra-Long Lift Table Approach Ramp

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Make loading your motorcycle onto the Black Widow Motorcycle Lift Table easier with the Extra-Long Lift Table Approach Ramp. Compared to the standard ramp included with the lift table, the 40" extra-long approach ramp reduces the angle of incline to prevent bottoming out and streamline the loading process.

  • Replaces stock lift table loading ramp
  • Reduces angle of incline for ease-of-loading and to prevent bottoming out
  • Includes grip tape for added surface friction
  • 40" long – twice as long as the standard ramp included with the Black Widow lift table

The extra-long motorcycle lift ramp hooks onto the Black Widow Motorcycle Lift Table, replacing its standard 20" long ramp. The 40" long replacement ramp makes loading easier for all motorcycles, and prevents those with long wheelbases or low-hanging pipes from bottoming out. The steel surface is designed for toughness and durability, and easily hooks on to the lift table without the need for tools. Includes one 24" x 40" ramp and two strips of grip tape to provide extra traction if needed.

27 lbs

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