Black Widow Extra-Long Lift Table Side Extension Approach Ramps

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Easily load your ATV, lawn mower, or snowmobile onto the Black Widow Motorcycle Lift with the Extra-Long Lift Table Side Extension Approach Ramps. Measuring 40" long, the extension ramps are twice as long as the ramps that come in the ATV Side Extension kit to prevent bottoming out and make loading easier.

  • Replaces side extension loading ramps from extension kit
  • Reduces loading angle for ease-of-loading and to prevent bottoming out
  • Includes grip tape for added surface friction
  • 40" long – twice as long as the standard side extension ramps

The 40" long side motorcycle lift ramps hook onto the ATV Side Extension Kit to reduce the loading angle, making them ideal for low-profile vehicles or those with long wheelbases which would otherwise bottom out and cause damage while loading. The heavy-duty steel construction ensures years of reliable use. Includes two 12" x 40" ramps and two strips of grip tape to provide extra traction if needed.

29 lbs

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