Black Widow Deluxe Motorcycle Shop Kit
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This kit is perfect for a shop enthusiast who wants an extremely durable and functional compressed air operated lift. This lift table includes features that you won't find on other lift tables at this price - a rear drop-out panel to easily service rear wheels, a 24" long removable loading ramp, foot pedal for hands-free operation and an integrated wheel chock to keep your bike in place. Optional side extensions are also available if you want to service a bigger bike or ATV. This kit also includes three other 'Must Have' Black Widow shop tools - a wheel balancer, a tire bead breaker and a 1,100 lb. capacity center scissor motorcycle jack. With our Deluxe Kit you'll also receive a versatile shop stool, rechargeable work light and the Battery Tender® Junior to keep your battery ready to go.

Service your bike, store it and keep it ready to ride with this great kit! And Save over $150 including FREE SHIPPING when you purchase the Deluxe Kit!

This kit includes:
  • Black Widow 1,000 lb. capacity compressed air operated lift table (BW-1000A)
  • Black Widow tire bead breaker (BW-2065)
  • Black Widow wheel balancer– (BW-WB-03)
  • Black Widow center lift 1,100 lb. motorcycle jack (BW-1604A)
  • Black Widow shop seat (BD-SEAT)
  • 1" Strap kit (MC-STRAP)
  • Rechargeable shop light (RWL-01)
  • Battery Tender® Junior (022-0192)
Kit is shrink wrapped on a pallet and shipped directly to your door


BW-1000A - Black Widow Lift Table - Effortlessly and safely raise your bike up to 33" high for service, maintenance or cleaning with the compressed air operated lift table from Black Widow. With a capacity of 1,000 lbs., this foot pedal operated table can handle bikes of almost any size. Included with this lift is an oversized 9" front tire clamp, 24" long removable approach ramp, compressed air-operated foot pedal, rear drop out panel, and a wheel dolly for moving the lift around the shop. Manufactured from durable powder coated steel. Side extensions for servicing larger bikes and ATV's sold separately.

BW-2065 - Black Widow Tire Bead Breaker - This hand operated tire bead breaker is an essential tool for any motorcycle or automotive shop and garage. The bead breaker lets you remove frozen or rusted beads from all types of tires - releasing the air from the tire and making it simple to remove from the rim. Features include a black powder coat finish for rust resistance and an extra-long padded handle for added leverage. Works for all motorcycle, trailer, or other small vehicle tires.

BW-WB-03 - Black Widow Motorcycle Wheel Balancer - Prevent uneven tire wear and vibration by balancing your bike's wheels with our compact and easy to use Black Widow Wheel Balancer. Perfect for all types of motorcycles and tires from 10" wide and 28" in diameter. Simple to use - center your tire on the polished steel axle and the heaviest part of the tire will rotate to the bottom. Once weights are positioned properly on the rim, the tire will not rotate on the balancer. It's easy to save money by balancing your tires in your own shop! Includes adjustable level feet. Made from black powder coated steel.

BW-1604A - Black Widow Scissor Center Jack - Jack your bike up to 14" for quick service or tire replacement with a Scissor Center Jack from Black Widow. Simply set the steel scissor jack under the center engine block and raise it with a 7/8" socket wrench. When not in use, the center jack folds down to 3-11/16" for compact storage and transportation.

BD-SEAT - Black Widow Shop Seat - Eliminate back strain, knee pain and fatigue with the Black Widow Shop Seat. It's got it all - a foam-padded seat, pneumatically adjusted height settings, a bottom tray to hold your tools and best of all - it's mounted on 5 high quality casters for easy movement. This is a ?Must Have' for any shop!

MC-Strap - 1" cam and ratchet strap kit - Our 1" strap kit includes 2 cam straps, 2 ratchet straps and 4 soft loops. They are perfect for safely working on your bike in the shop or transporting on a carrier or pickup truck. These heavy duty straps have vinyl-coated S-hook and are rated at a 3,000 lb. break strength.

RWL-01-V2 - Rechargeable work light - Our portable LED rechargeable work light is perfect for safely working in your shop, repairs on the road, or any emergency situation. Kit includes wall and 12V car chargers - 5 hour life when fully charged. Made with a lightweight plastic casing that is resistant to oil, water and shocks.

022-0192 - Battery Tender Junior - The last thing you want when planning a road trip is to start off with a dead battery. Keep your battery charged over night with the Battery Tender Junior. The 12V trickle charger completes a 4-step charging program and automatically switches to a safe, float mode after a battery is fully charged. Two solid LED lights indicate when a battery is fully charged.

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