E-Track Motorcycle Tie-Down System
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Easily strap down your expensive motorcyle into a trailer with the e-track tie down system. The versatile e-tracks can install to the walls or floor of your trailer and the heavy duty straps with e-fittings safely secure your bike. The various e-fitting positions provide a custom tie down system each time and hold up to 4,400 lbs. The included soft loops attach to the frame and/or handlebars as an attachment point for the s hook ends.

  • Powder coat finish e-tracks
  • Rubber coated s hooks
  • Soft loops secure to frame and/or handlebars
  • 4,400 lb capacity
  • Versatile e-tracks mount to trailer walls or floor


Easily strap your motorcycle into a trailer with these ratcheting straps. S-hook ends prevent your soft loops and motorcycle from getting damaged.


Safely secure your expensive bike in your trailer using these motorcycle trailer tie-downs. The E-tracks mount to the side or floor of your trailer and combined with our heavy-duty motorcycle straps, they will secure your motorcycle, quad, golf cart, or other vehicles under 4400 lbs. The E-Track itself is made of high quality, powder coated steel with 36 mounting holes and 18 different E-Fitting positions. The E-Fittings simply snap into an E-Track slot and with their heavy duty triangle ring ends, they can support up to 2500 lbs each. The 2 inch ratcheting S-hook straps are secured to the triangle ring and soft loops. The heavy-duty S-hooks are rubber coated to prevent the soft loops from fraying or tearing. Loop each soft loop around your handlebars, swing arms, or the frame to secure your bike when using the motorcycle trailer tie-down.

S-Hooks are some of the safest strapping methods for your bike, so if you own a $20,000 bike, don't try to save on cheap hardware store straps to tie your bike down. Every motorcycle trailer tie-down package comes with a one year warranty. Our motorcycle trailer tie downs are the highest quality strap kits available anywhere for your bike.

E-Track Motorcycle Tie Down System

Product Features

  • (4) 2 inch wide x 6 inch long E-Fitting w/ Triangle Ring - E-Track Triangles (pair) attach to each E-Track for superb strength when securing motorcycles, ATVs, or other vehicles under 4400 pounds. Each E-Track Triangle has a 2500 lb breaking load capacity (833 lb working load).
  • (4) 1 inch wide x 12 inch long motorcycle soft loops - These 1 inch wide by 12 inch long soft loops help prevent metal hardware from coming in contact with the bike. When securing, they are ideal for looping around handlebars, tubular frame, swing arm, triple tree, etc. Rated at 1200 lb break strength (400 lb working load).
  • (4) 2 inch Ratcheting S-hook straps - Heavy duty ratchet straps have great strength when constant load tension is reached. S-Hook ends won't tear up soft loops. Each ratchet assembly is rated for a total capacity of 4400 lbs (1466 lbs working load). All straps are black in color.
  • (4) 3 foot long x 5 1/8 inch high E Tracks - The E-Tracks may be easily mounted to the wall or floor of your trailer. Made from solid steel, these E-Tracks are powder coated black for a lasting finish.
Bundle Components
  • (4) 2" wide x 6" long E-Fitting w/ Triangle Ring
  • (4) 1" wide x 12" long Motorcycle Soft Loops
  • (4) 2" Ratcheting S-hook Straps
  • (4) 3' long x 1/8" high Black E-Track Rails


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