H3 Series Nissan NV Roof Racks

The H3 racks are designed to create an absolute fit to Nissan NV vans. Side supports or rubber end caps are included with the aluminum roof racks. Systems are available in two and three bars.

Item # Description Number
of Bars
Color Status Price Quantity
H3321 6" wide mount with side supports - 2 bar set 2

H3322 6" wide mount with side supports - 3 bar set 3

H3325 6" low profile mount with rubber end caps - 2 bar set 2

H3326 6" low profile mount with rubber end caps - set of 3 bars 3


Vantech's H3 Series aluminum roof rack is designed to fit the Nissan NV vans. Factory drilled holes allow the cargo rack to be installed without the need to drill. The Nissan NV roof rack comes in two different styles. One system includes side supports to help keep cargo in place while the other comes with rubber end caps that help reduce wind noise and drag. Anchor points are available near the top of the side supports (If available) to help tie down roof top cargo. The steel side supports are also galvanized and rubber dipped for additional protection against the elements. Vantech offers the aluminum roof racks for the Nissan NV in two or three bar systems. The 3" x 1-1/2"cross bars contain built-in channels that allow optional accessories to be added on. All H3 van roof racks are anodized and come in a choice of black, white or silver.

A286 | 3" x 1-1/2"
600 lbs total 300 lbs per bar

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