Pet Cages offers a huge selection of pet cages for many different applications! Steel pet cages, airline crate cages, folding portable cages, and more! View the links below for more information on all our pet cages!

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Lightweight Pet Dog Crate

Deluxe Aluminum & Laminate Dog Crate

Was $149.99
Sale $119.99
Save $30.00
Lightweight yet sturdy aluminum and wood laminate paneling dog crates
Folding Pet Crate

Steel Folding Dog Cages

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Quality dog cage with leak tray and locking doors - folds up conveniently
Wheeled Portable Dog Cage III

Wheeled Metal Dog Crate

Black pet cage keeps pets out of harms way and removable tray makes for easy clean-up
Double Door Dog Crate

Double-Wide Dog Crate

The angled design of this dog crate helps it fit in the back of SUVs and vans
Discount Dog Carriers and Soft Pet Crate

Dog Carriers and Soft Pet Carrier Crate

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Folding pet carriers also make a great pet home or training crate
Folding Pet Crate

Luxury Folding Pet Crate

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Luxury version of our standard pet carrier, loaded with features
Wild Card Pet Carrier

Wild Card Pet Carrier

Was $29.99
Sale $14.99
Save $15.00
Factory Seconds Model - Wild Card pet carrier features hearts, spades, and diamond fabrics to carry your pet
Dog Exercise Pen

Multipurpose Pet Pen

8 panel pet exercise pen that works indoors, outdoors or when traveling
Portable Dog Kennel & Pet Home

Two Compartment Portable Dog Kennel & Pet Home

The Portable Dog Kennel/House provides a comfortable shelter indoors and out - folds up in seconds
The Ember Pet Car Seat

Folding Pet Car Seat

Was $29.99
Sale $9.99
Save $20.00
The Ember pet car seat features a collapsible frame, an integrated leash, and removable pad
Tan & Camo Kennel Jackets

Kennel Jackets

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Help your dog keep warm and dry while traveling or in the field with these kennel jackets
Wicker Pet Home/Cage

Wicker Pet Home

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High quality wicker pet homes with removable tray and lockable enclosure for many sized dogs
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