Pet Cargo Liner

Your pooch may love getting dirty, but you can still keep your car clean with the pet cargo liner. Designed for a vehicle's rear cargo space, the liner is a canvas-style blanket with a soft padded underside to provide extra comfort for your dog or pet. This pet cargo liner also works great to protect your cargo area when moving items like furniture, tools or landscaping plants and is machine washable.

  • Great for dirty pets, groceries, firewood, small equipment and more
  • Attractive tan color canvas with black, soft underside padding
  • Machine washable, line dry
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The Pet Seat Covers are a great way to protect rear vehicle cargo spaces from unwanted dirt, stains, and spills. The 51-1/4" x 49" size is designed for SUVs and will help protect the vehicle interior reducing any need for expensive steam cleaning.


The pet cargo liner pet seat covers is the perfect solution to protect rear vehicle cargo spaces, especially in SUVs, from dirty pets and spills. The ample, tan colored 51-1/4" x 49" pet cargo liner material is a canvas style blanket with a black soft padded underside providing a little extra comfort where necessary. Keep in mind, the pet cargo liner isn't limited to use with dirty pets. Reduce the need to have cargo spaces steam cleaned. Utilize the cargo liner canvas as an added layer of protective matting for moving furniture, boxes, groceries, small equipment, and more!

Pet Cargo Liner Mat for rear SUV cargo spaces

Product Features

  • Perfect solution for protecting vehicle cargo spaces
  • Attractive tan color canvas
  • Black, soft underside padding
  • Great for dirty pets, furniture, boxes, groceries, small equipment and more!


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How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

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