Pet Screen Door
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Easy to Install Pet Screen Door

Give your pet the freedom to come and go as they please with this pet screen door. The clever snap together pet door allows pets to safely enter and leave through a patio screen door, storm screen door or screen window. The pet flap features a 3/4” wide frame designed to grip a screen window for stability use after use. The opening measures 7-3/4” wide x 9-1/2” high and is ideal for cats and smaller dogs.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe, instant indoor/outdoor access for cats and small dogs
  • Snap together design for easy installation
  • Two-way flap access
  • Measures 7-3/4” W x 9-1/2” H
  • Includes 2 pegs to lock the door
  • Durable plastic design

Give Your Pets the Freedom to Come and Go

Make sure your cat or small dog can get in and out when they need to with this pet screen door. Easy to install, this door snaps together over a screen door or window, and locks with the included pegs. Keep your pets happy, and reduce wear and tear on your screens from pet scratches with the Pet Screen Door.

Pet Screen Door for Cats and Small Dogs

Product Features

  • Instant outdoor/indoor access for cats and small dogs
  • Snap-Together design for easy installation
  • Includes (2) pegs to lock the door
  • For use with storm screen doors, patio screen doors and windows
  • Two-way flap access
  • Durable plastic material closes automatically
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

Please measure pet shoulder height for the 7-3/4"W x 9-1/2"H door opening before purchase.


Instruction Manual

Review Summary (Based on 8 Reviews)


4 Stars Cat Screen Door

Gary from ME wrote (June 28, 2015):

The size is great and I like the swing door like a regular cat door. I had purchased one that swings sideways and it sometimes does not close! This always does.

5 Stars Purr-fect Solution

Debbie from MO wrote (May 18, 2015):

The cat used to hook his claws into the screen and open the door on his own. Problem was, eventually, I had to replace the entire screening material. I'd tried building a handle at his level so he would use it instead of claws in the scrren, but to no avail. This door works beautifully! Super easy to install (as I had to replace the screen anyway). It was a little tricky to align the pins for the "snap together" installation, but once I had the first one connecterd, the rest was a breeze. And, because it is lined with screen, he had no problem navigating its operation. Now he runs in and out with even MORE frequency than he did before and I DON'T have to play personal doorman. Love it!!

5 Stars Screen Door Doggy Door (Pet Door-01)

Dawn Salam from CA wrote (May 04, 2015):

First let me say that my package arrived via USPS and it was within a week that I received it. I moved 3 months ago into a house that I am renting. My landlord approved me to get a doggy door but told me that I would have to replace the wall if I cut out the wall to put a doggy door in when I moved. That seems a bit extreme and expensive so I thought well maybe I'll buy a door with the doggy door built in that way when I move I would just have to replace the door but still expensive. So I thought the screen on my sliding glass door, that might be the way to go. So I went on and found this product. under $15.00 incl. s/h via USPS.and I received the item within a weeks time. It was very simple and very easy to put together 1, 2, 3 you snap this doggy door on and cut out the cut along the area so the flap goes back and forth. If you follow the directions then it should be no problem, looks nice and neat when complete. The only struggle I'm having is getting my puppies to get used to it. We had a doggy door where I used to live that was cut into the wall but since we moved they must have forgotten but they are smart, they'll figure it out. I hope this helps you

2 Stars doggy door

Judy from VA wrote (April 25, 2015):

This was easy to install, however, my dog is skittish to use it because the door is very stiff and doesn't swing freely enough to allow her to go out without it hitting her or rubbing along her back as she exits. I would really love to be chosen for the drawing for writing this review though for an IPad mini. Thank you

5 Stars Great for the price

Deborah from NV wrote (March 29, 2015):

We have a exceptionally tall screen door. To buy the correct size full height pet insert it would have been over $300.00, the small screen insert from you was less than $20.00 including shipping. Our 4 month old puppy learned how to use it within minutes. We just put a treat on the other side of door several times, and he now does it by himself. As senior citizens it has saved us many trips to open the door.

5 Stars Exaclty what we needed!!

Debby from CA wrote (October 27, 2014):

My cats had already torn a hole in my living room window screen and been using it as their "cat door". So I was searching for a solution to the problem when I came across this product and decided to give it a try. It was totally worth it. Super easy to install, pretty sturdy, and the cats (which believe me, aren't too bright) were able to figure it out really quickly! I would definitely recommend this product!

4 Stars Great little door!

Deborah from CA wrote (October 17, 2014):

I got this so that my two little dogs can get in and out of our RV without us having to get up constantly to open the door. This works great. They learned how to use it after just a couple tries. Lets me keep the screen door closed, so no more flies and other bugs flying in all the time. After having the pegs pull apart a couple of times, I used some super glue to hold it more problems. We are literally "happy campers" now!

1 Star Pet Screen door

J Grech from MI wrote (May 05, 2014):

The door was a great price and "ruggedly built". Sadly, I am unhappy with the door. On the description on the website, it does not say that there are no hinges on the "swinging door", which makes it stiff. The moveable door hands from plastic extensions that are a bit thinner than the frame, but not very flexible. It would be hard to teach a small animals to go through it because it is so rigid. They would have to push pretty hard and the door would rub quite heavily against their bodies as they pass go through it. After moving the door in both directions, I noticed that it often does not hang completely straight over the opening, which would allow flying insects easy access in the the house. Because of these reasons, I decided to return the door. Customer service was very helpful and made the return process easy.