Bucket Seat Pet Covers


The pet seat cover from Solvit is an easy way to prevent your pet from damaging your bucket seats. With a padded seat and soft fabric, your pet will love the waterproof bucket seat covers too!


Does your pet mess up your seats on a wet day, or does your hunting dog have mud on its paws when it jumps in the truck? To prevent your seats from prematurely tearing or getting dirty, get yourself a pet seat cover. These durable waterproof bucket seat covers are made of a heavy cotton twill from SOLViTEX that is soft to the touch. Each bucket seat cover is treated with Stain-Blok™ for water repellency. The bottom portion has a padded cushion so even your pet can sit comfortably. Many adjustable securing straps wrap around the back of the seat and the bottom to insure a perfect fit.

Standard Bucket Seat Cover
2 lbs

Product Features

  • SOLViTEX fabric and Stain-Blok™ material is waterproof to prevent leakage
  • Securing hardware is attached to each bucket seat cover
  • Pet seat cover is machine washable
  • Fits in many vehicles including cars, trucks, and SUVs
  • 1 Year warranty


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