Pet Stairs & Steps

Many different styles and designs of pet steps available to satisfy your pet stairs shopping needs! Indoor and outdoor pet stairs for use at home or on the go. Our pet steps allow for pet access that's easy on their joints. View the links below for more info on each type of dog and pet step!

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Combo Cat Scratch Platform


Pet Screen Door

3.5 Star

Aluminum Folding Dog Ramp

5 Star
Starting at

Solvit Ultralight Bifold Pet Ramp


Extra Wide Folding Dog Ramp

5 Star
Starting at

Solvit Half Ramp II Extra Wide Pet Ramp


Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Dog Ramp

5 Star

Solvit XL Telescoping Dog Ramp


Solvit Smart Ramp Telescoping Dog Ramp


Short pet ramp that can be carried like a suitcase!


Luxury Dog & Pet Bed


Bottoms Up Dog Leash

1 2 is offering these pet stairs and dog steps at the most affordable prices on the internet. We are constantly adding to our pet step product line and have a dog step system for almost every situation that a pet owner may run into. We have wooden pet stairs for inside your home, plastic pet steps for indoor and outdoor use, along with steps for your truck, boat, or pool. Each of these stairs is unique and available in many different styles, sizes, and uses. Some of our pet steps have multiple purposes. For instance, our Otto Pet Step can also be used by people under 200 lbs to load materials on the roof of a vehicle from the rear area. All of these pet steps are light in weight, quick to setup, and take up a minimal amount of space. If you have any questions on these products or if you would like to see us offer a pet step that isn't currently listed in our product line, we encourage you to Contact Us Online or via phone: 1-888-651-3431.