PetSTEP Booster Leg Kit

An extra base leg to raise the bottom of the PetSTEP dog ramp 7", in order to reduce the ramp angle when used with trucks, SUVs or other tall vehicles and objects


Help a dog climb into a tall vehicle by adding this PetSTEP Booster Leg Kit to the PetSTEP Dog Ramp. The Booster Leg kit attaches to the end of the dog ramp to reduce the ramp angle when using the ramp with SUVs, trucks, and tall objects such as grooming tables. Made of lightweight aluminum, the Booster Leg is impervious to rust and includes mounting screws.

PetSTEP II Booster Leg Kit - Reduces the ramp angle when using the PetSTEP with tall vehicles

Product Features

  • Great for getting dogs into tall vehicles or objects
  • Lightweight, rustproof aluminum
  • Easy to install - Mounting screws included

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