PetSTEP Side Entry Support Strap
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Adjustable nylon support strap to hold up the side of the PetSTEP II not supported by the car seat. Allows the dog ramp to be safely used to load a pet into the back seat of a car or SUV. Rubber coated hook won't scratch or damage door.


Make the PetSTEP Dog Ramp safe to use to load a pet through the side door of a car or SUV with this side entry support strap. An unsupported PetSTEP dog ramp may only have one corner resting on the vehicle's back seat. The support strap hangs from a door frame and connects to the dog ramp to keep the ramp from tipping when the weight of a pet is on it. With a rubber coated steel support hook, the side entry support strap takes only seconds to install and won't scratch or damage car paint. The nylon strap is adjustable for a perfect fit, and can be used on either side of the vehicle. A convenient drawstring carry bag is included.

PetSTEP II Side Entry Support Strap - Hangs one corner of the dog ramp from a door window frame for additional support

Product Features

  • Prevents the ramp from tipping under the weight of the pet due to uneven support
  • Rubber coated hook will not damage car paint
  • Adjustable nylon strap for a perfect fit
  • Drawstring carry bag included

Warning and Usage Guidelines

The PetSTEP Side Entry Support Strap can not be used on a vehicle without a full door and window frame.


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