Pet Steps

The Pet Loader pet steps grant easy access to your vehicle for your dog or pet. Your pet will find it easy to use with a low angle of ascent/descent, eliminating fear when going up.

Item # Length Height Up Status Price Quantity
PL-3-ABS 46" 16" to 20"
In Stock
PL-4-ABS 56" 20" to 30"
In Stock
PL-5-ABS 74" 29" to 40"
In Stock


Collapsible and easy to handle pet steps are convenient for your pet to enter your vehicle. The Pet Loader features a lower angle of ascent/descent to eliminate fear of getting in the vehicle. An 18" wide by 22" deep platform ensures your pet won't have problems gaining access to your car, truck, or SUV. The dog steps feature washable gray carpeting that provides excellent traction for your pet. Able to carry up to 250 lbs, the Pet Loader pet steps have no sag for added assurance. The maximum length of the pet steps are measured when fully stretched out; angling the Pet Loader 45° or so allows you to get extra clearance when loading your friend in the vehicle. Available in 3, 4, or 5 platforms.

Additonal Pet Loader Step Specifications
Item #Platform
PL-3-ABS22"18"20 lbs5-1/2"250 lbs
PL-4-ABS22"18"29 lbs7-1/2"250 lbs
PL-5-ABS22"18"39 lbs9-1/2"250 lbs

Product Features

  • Washable gray carpet creates critical traction
  • Folds up to be carried or stored
  • Great stability, easily holds up to 250 lbs
  • Ideal for SUVs, trucks, trailers, and even cars
  • Made from injection molded ABS
  • Low angle of ascent/decent eliminates fear
  • Lifetime warranty

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