Dog Survival Kit

The emergency kit was designed to supply dogs with the appropriate food and toys to remain comfortable during disasters and possible evacuation. More

The emergency kit was designed to supply dogs with the appropriate food and toys to remain comfortable during disasters and possible evacuation.


One of the last things people think of during disasters or sudden evacuations are pet supplies for their animals. The red backpack is loaded with all of the essential equipment needed for canines during evacuation. The main need for dogs, just like humans, is food and water. An extra 8 oz package of dog food and 4 oz pouches of filtered water are supplied to keep your pet hydrated and fed. Ten water tablets are provided to help purify a water source that is questionable in quality. Each tablet can purify 1 liter of water. A water/food bowl fits into the backpack and offers a place for your pet to feed and drink.

An included glow stick is used to see at night and lasts up to 12 hours after the initial activation. Staying warm is vital, especially during the winter months. A 16 hour body warmer is air activated and heats up to 150° while averaging at temperatures of 130°. An emergency blanket, or space blanket, retains 90% of the emitted body heat and blocks wind and rain. When used with the 16 hour body warmer, you and your pooch can stay warm all night long. In the case of minor cuts or burns, a 63 piece first aid kit allows you to treat the problem on the spot.

A 50 ft. long nylon rope is included to help when an abrupt elevation change prevents you from moving in the desired direction. Whether it's a rowdy dog, a possible threat to safety, or just a squirrel passing by, an extra collar and leash lets you keep your pet close. A reflective dog vest makes your pet easily visible to passers-by and hunters that may confuse your pet for predators or prey.

While taking a break from walking or driving, a metal stake and tie-down leash can keep your canine from running off into the wilderness. The 14 ft. radius allows enough room for your pet to run around without getting too far away from camp. A can opener is a nice little utensil that most people will forget during an evacuation. The can opener lets you get to your own canned food, or food you find along the way. Toys are important when it comes to dogs and keeping them entertained. A rope toy with a hard end for chewing on is included to keep your dog interested. One thing that comes with every dog is having to clean up after them. Fifty pet waste bags are included to make the clean up process quick and easy. All of the tools and supplies in the dog survival kit are packed securely in a resealable, waterproof storage bag.

Dog Survival Kit - A red backpack filled with all of the essential dog toys and supplies needed in the case of evacuation
10 lbs

Product Features

  • Package of emergency dog food (8 oz)
  • Six 4.oz water pouches
  • 10 water purification tablets
  • 12 hour glow stick
  • 16 hour body warmer
  • Emergency survival blanket
  • 63 piece first aid kit
  • Water/food bowl
  • Collar & leash
  • Reflective dog vest
  • Metal stake with 14 ft. tie down leash
  • Can opener
  • Dog toys
  • 50 ft. nylon rope
  • Pet waste bags (50)


Emergency Contact Locations and Phone Numbers by State
Emergency Contact Card
Preparedness Checklist
Fire Drill Instructions

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