Low Profile Mini Car Ramps by Rage Powersports

Obtain access under the body of your low sports car with the mini car ramps by RAGE Powersports. The 4,400 lb capacity ramps lift tires 2-1/2" off the ground and have hollow honeycomb channels to prevent moisture build up under the tires. By lifting up your sports or collector car, you'll now have access under the body for inserting a hydraulic jack or service lift to comfortably perform oil changes and other undercarriage service. For the service center or automobile enthusiast, the mini car ramps are the only solution for getting a lift or jack under low profile cars with expensive ground effect kits.

  • 4,400 lb capacity
  • Fitted with tire stops
  • 9.05 degree loading angle
  • Sold in pairs
1 Year Warranty


These low profile plastic car ramps are designed for storage of your sport or collector car and also for lifting low profile automobiles or cars with ground effects for service.


The new plastic low profile mini car ramps are designed for storage of your sports car or collector car and also designed for lifting low profile sports cars for getting access under the body for inserting a hydraulic jack or service lift. These plastic car ramp are the perfect solution for the automobile collector who stores his car over the winter or for long periods of time. These ramps lift the tires 2-1/2" off the ground to avoid contact with the concrete garage floor and have a series of hollow "honeycomb" channels to prevent moisture build up under the tires, protecting them as well as lifting the under body farther from the damp garage floor. These plastic car ramps are sold in sets of two and also work great for those low profile cars that you need just a small amount of lift to get a hydraulic jack under the body or ground effects kits. These plastic ramps are the only solution for cars with expensive ground effects for getting a jack under the vehicle to lift it for an oil change or other undercarriage service. Whether you are working on you car in the garage or if you are a full blown auto service center, you will find these low cost plastic car ramps offer many uses for the automobile enthusiast or service center. If you're looking for a heavier duty version of the automotive drive on car ramp, a low profile car ramp, or other car ramp, then check out our complete line of car ramps.

Plastic car ramps for service or storage of vehicles (1 pair)
4-1/2 lbs ea.
4,400 lb per pair

Product Features

  • Prevents moisture build up under cars for long storage
  • Heavy duty plastic design
  • Honeycomb design to prevent moisture build up
  • Fitted with tire stops
  • Assists in getting a hydraulic jack under low profile vehicles or cars with ground effects
  • Quicker than jacking up a vehicle, just drive on
  • 1 year warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Before using the ramps ensure other persons are clear of the vehicle and the ramps
  • Ensure that the ramps are free from damage or corrosion before use
  • Use only a single pair of wheel ramps at the front or rear, do not use two ramps on one side of the vehicle
  • Position the ramps in line with the wheels, with the steering wheel pointed straight and the incline against the tire tread
  • Carefully drive the vehicle onto the automotive ramps until it is in the correct position
  • Turn the engine off, apply the parking brake, get out of the vehicle, and securely chock the remaining wheels on the ground
  • Before starting work, walk around the vehicle ensuring it is securely positioned
  • Always use jack stand if a person will be going under the vehicle
  • On completion of the work, check the parking brake is still firmly on and remove the chocks
  • It is important to drive very slowly when coming off the ramps to prevent the automotive bodywork from making contact with the car ramp
  • Exercise caution when using these car ramps with a trailer or three wheeled vehicle

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