PVI Aluminum Plate End Car Trailer Ramps - 1,400 lb, 1,600 lb, & 2,000 lb per axle Capacities

Transport a car quickly and easily. PVI vehicle loading ramps are designed to provide optimal vehicle support and a smooth transition from ground surface to a trailer deck for hauling cars. Multiple capacities available for customized vehicle loading.

  • Great for custom cars, classics, and small vehicles
  • Flat plate trailer attachment for an even transition to trailer bed
  • Tubular cross rung surface for use in any weather condition
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum construction
1 Year Warranty
Item # Length Weight Weight Capacity
per Axle
Status Price Quantity
VEH615 75 1/2" 50 lbs 1,400 lbs


Load cars and small vehicles up to 1400 lbs onto trailers. Manufactured from aluminum making the ramps lightweight and portable. Available in two sizes to fit your applications.


Load your car or small vehicle onto a trailer with these portable vehicle ramps from PVI. The vehicle ramps are manufactured from aluminum making them lightweight and easy to setup or transport. The cross rungs on the ramps are tubular style and attach to heavy duty side rails for support. These ramps are rated 1400 lbs per axle. The best way to determine your vehicles axle weight is to drive the heaviest axle on a scale. Normally the front of your car, SUV or pick-up truck is the heaviest axle weight because of the engine.

Portable Vehicle Trailer Ramps

Product Features

  • Flat plate 3" ramp attaching ends with a slight hook at the end
  • Ideal for loading cars and other small vehicles
  • Tubular style cross rungs
  • Heavy duty side rails
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Portable for transporting wherever you go
  • Never exceed maximum load capacity!
  • 1 year warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

Not recommended for forklifts, pallet jacks, steel track vehicles, full-size pick-ups or skid loaders.


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