Tips On Shopping For A Portable Wheelchair Ramp

Shopping for a portable wheelchair ramp can be a confusing process. At first it sounds very simple, but after surfing the internet and talking to wheelchair suppliers you often end up with more questions than answers! The first step toward gaining insight into this concept is to understand the types of portable wheelchair ramps that are available. The most popular styles of portable wheelchair ramps on the market are as follows:

Solid Wheelchair Ramps: These are typically available in shorter sizes between 8 to 24 inches long and are sometimes referred to as plate style. The larger solid ramps come in sizes all the way up to 5 feet. They are considered the easiest to operate since there is no moving parts on the ramp. Since they only come in shorter sizes, they are used for thresholds and smaller rises like a single step.

Single fold ramps are sometimes referred to Suitcase Ramps because many of them provide a handle for transporting; it looks like a suitcase when being carried by the handle. They only fold once down the middle, so they remain the same length even when folded. These tend to be the most economical and are available from 2 to 8 feet in length. They are commonly used for a couple of steps or loading an unoccupied powerchair into the side of a minivan.

Multi-Folding Wheelchair Ramps: Since these ramps also come with a handle, they are referred to as Suitcase Ramps as well. This can add to the confusion when determining the difference between ramps. Multi-fold ramps fold twice. There are hinges down the length of the ramp and also at half point. When its folded, it becomes a quarter of its unfolded size. They are available in sizes between 6 and 12 feet. They are used when smaller storage size is required.

Multi-Fold Rear Door Ramps: These ramps are basically Multi-fold with a longer top lip to allow for clearing a minivan or SUV bumper. Use this ramp when loading an unoccupied wheelchair ramp into the rear of a minivan or SUV.

Telescoping Track Ramps: These ramps are for manual wheelchairs only. The length is adjustable up to 10 feet for loading onto various vertical heights. They are compact and light for ease of transport.

The Dual Folding Track Ramps: Feature two lightweight tracks with handles. These tracks fold in half and are designed for power wheelchairs and scooters.

Please remember that the portable category includes ramp lengths under 12 feet. Anything above that length is not considered portable due to the increased size and weight.

Thanks for reading! Jay Tamez – Discount Ramps LLC

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