Race Ramps™ Hook-Nosed Ramp - 14"W x 4"H - 6,000 lb Capacity

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Easily load your vehicle onto a four-post vehicle lift with the 14"W x 4"H Race Ramps Hook-Nosed Ramp. The 8° angle allows even low-riders to drive up onto a lift without damaging the front end, and the lightweight, durable design makes it easy to carry and reliable to use.

  • Works with most industry four-post lift systems
  • Lightweight for easy transportation
  • 8° angle prevents damage to low-riding vehicles
  • 6,000-lb capacity
  • Rust-resistant and easy to clean
  • Loading Angle 8°
  • Sold in pairs

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Race Ramps Hook-Nosed Ramps weigh less than one-quarter of the weight of factory steel ramps, making them a perfect lightweight alternative to the heavy steel ramps typically used with four-post lifts! The four-post lift ramps provide a gradual 8° approach angle, enabling low ground clearance vehicles to get onto the lift without the front end scraping. The patented, super-lightweight, 100% solid construction ensures that the ramps can support a 6,000-lb vehicle while still being easy to move and store, and their textured underside coating prevents sliding across floors and causing damage.

6,000 lbs

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