Race Ramps™ Pyramid Show Crib - 1,500 lb Capacity

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Show off your vehicle with the lightweight and easy-to-use Race Ramps Pyramid Show Crib. Featuring a lightweight design and 6,000-lb capacity when using a set of four, the Pyramid Show Crib is perfect for drawing a crowd at your next show.

  • Raises a tire 12" off the ground
  • Lightweight construction for easy maneuverability
  • Slide-resistant design
  • Compatible with 25"-30" diameter tires
  • 1,500-lb capacity each – 6,000-lb capacity using four
  • Sold in pairs

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The Race Ramps wheel cribs provide a safe, stylish, and lightweight way to raise your vehicle for display. They can cradle 25"-30" diameter tires 12" off the ground and feature a slip-resistant design for stability and peace-of-mind. A set of four will support 6,000 lbs, and each individual show crib will support up to 1,500 lbs. They provide an unobstructed view underneath the car, and their tapered design lends a dramatic flair to any vehicle display.

3,000 lbs

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