Race Ramps™ Slip Plate Stands

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Keep your vehicle elevated for service and maintenance with the lightweight and tough Race Ramps Slip Plate Stands. Lightweight construction makes them easy to transport and maneuver into position for use with most industry slip plates, grease plates, and turntables.

  • Lightweight construction
  • Large footprint for greater stability
  • 16" lift height
  • Sold in pairs
  • Works with most industry slip plates, grease plates, and turntables

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The Race Ramps Slip Plate Stands were created as replacements for heavy metal wheel alignment stands or monkey grease plate stands and designed for use with a two- or four-post lift system. Simply raise your vehicle using a lift, position the slip plate stands under each tire with a turntable on top of each stand, then lower the vehicle onto the stands. Race Ramps Slip Plate Stands feature an 18" x 23" base for a large, stable footprint, and the horizontal surface is reinforced for many years of dependable use. Sold in pairs.

3,000 lbs

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