Raised Toilet Seat
Silver Spring Raised Toilet Seat

This toilet seat riser elevates the seat 6", making it easier for those with difficulty getting up and down from a standard seat. The raised toilet seat easily attaches with no tools needed and features a lightweight design that includes a lid.


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*Non-Returnable Item
1 Year Warranty


Using a standard toilet seat can be difficult for those who are elderly, recovering from surgery, have difficulty bending, or have lost lower body strength. A Silver Spring Raised Toilet Seat provides an additional 6" of height to the toilet seat, making it easier to get up and down. The toilet riser easily attaches with clamps using hand turn knobs on each side of the seat. The clamps have rubber grips and can be adjusted to fit toilet bowl widths of 12-5/8" - 14-5/8". This elevated toilet seat has a lightweight plastic design that is easy to clean and includes a lid. Depending on the length of your toilet, the existing seat and lid may or may not have to be removed prior to installation. The raised toilet seat includes a one year warranty and is a NON-RETURNABLE item.

Elevated toilet seat - Adds an extra 6" height to seat
Fits toilet bowl widths 12-5/8" - 14-5/8"
5 lbs
285 lbs

Product Features

  • Adds 6" of height to the toilet seat, making it easier to get up and down
  • Side clamps with rubber grips tighten using turn knobs
  • No tools needed for installation
  • Includes lid
  • Toilet seat and lid may need to be removed first for proper fit depending on toilet
  • Non-returnable item
  • 1 year warranty


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