RC Launch Ramp Kit

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*Oversized package

With a center connecting platform enables large ramp launches from either side! For Nitro, Gas Powered and Electric RC cars. Also great for setting up larger Nitro Cross courses with a combination of different RC ramps.


Launch RC cars from either side of this double RC Launch Ramp kit! Two large ramps are connected together with a center platform which can also be used for tricks. Features a textured surface for extra grip with either street or off-road RC tires. Very portable and lightweight. For permanent mounting application, pre-drilled holes and anchor screws are included. Even create custom Nitro Cross practice and racing track jump courses with a combination of multiple RC ramps from our selection. These ramps have a 250 lb capacity and also work great for Skateboarding, Snowboarding, BMX, Sandboarding and Inline Skate tricks!

RC Launch Ramp - (2) RC Launch Ramps with a medium sized center platform
24 lbs
250 lbs

Product Features

  • Patent #: RE38,326
  • Great for Nitro, Gas Powered, and Electric RC Cars
  • (2) Large RC stunt ramps with a center connecting platform
  • Textured surface for added grip with street and off-road RC tires
  • Very portable and easy to carry around
  • Add jumps to freestyle, practice, or Nitro Cross tracks
  • Pre-drilled holes for permanent mounting (anchor screws included)
  • Interlocking snap-together design

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