Off Road Recovery Gear Kit

Helps recover ATVs, UTVs and 4x4 vehicles bogged in mud and debris with the right tools. Each off road recovery kit includes a heavy duty tree protector strap, snatch strap, tow strap, bow shackles, a pulley block for connecting the bogged vehicle to a solid recovery point and more!

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Thrust Off Road Accessories recovery gear kit is a must-have addition to any UTV, ATV or off-road vehicle tool kit. Each 4x4 recovery kit includes the tools necessary to help recover a vehicle bogged in mud or hung-up on debris. The 3" x 10 ft. long tree trunk protector strap is designed to wrap around a nearby tree for pulling leverage and the 3" x 29.5 ft. long snatch strap connects to the pulley block, bow shackles, tree strap or recovery vehicle hook. The extra wide 4" recovery tow strap is also an excellent addition for moving an immobilized vehicle after recovery. A multipurpose trifold shovel allows for digging under a trapped vehicle's tire and sawing through fallen branches or debris that may be blocking the path. If those branches are too large for the shovel, just hook up a bow shackle, one of the 26,455 LB break strength straps and the pulley block to move them out of the way effortlessly with a recovery vehicle. During the recovery process the shovel works great to clear out tires, frames and axles from excess debris. Each off road recovery kit is sure to help with any off-road vehicle recovery and also includes a pair of protective leather gloves, a high quality tire gauge and a multiple-purpose ground recovery mat.

Off Road Recovery Gear Kit - Complete recovery kit for 4x4 off road vehicles, ATVs and UTVs. Includes storage bag, ground mat, gloves, shovel, pulley block, bow shackles, tire gauge, snatch strap, tree trunk protector, and a towing strap.
35 lbs

Product Features

  • "Must-have" recovery kit for 4WD off road vehicles, UTVs and ATVs
  • Ideal for recovering a vehicle bogged in mud or hung up on debris
  • Can also be used for moving fallen branches and debris
  • Protective leather gloves help keep hands comfortable
  • Multiple-purpose ground mat with grommets
  • Snatch, tow and tree straps rated at 26,455 lb break strength
  • Folding shovel for clearing tires, vehicle frames and axles
  • Includes a carrying bag to keep kit together, neat and tidy

Bundle Components

  • One pair leather gloves
  • One trifold shovel
  • One 56" x 62" recovery ground mat
  • One 21"L x 10"W x 11"H storage bag
  • One 18,000 lb pulley block
  • Two 4-3/4 ton 3/4" bow shackles
  • One 80 PSI max. tire gauge
  • One 3" x 29-1/2 ft. snatch strap
  • One 3" x 10 ft. tree trunk protector
  • One 4" x 29-1/2 ft. recovery tow strap

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