Thrust Off-Road 4" Snatch Strap

Recover large 4x4 vehicles in a jam with this extra wide 4" snatch strap. The 29-1/2" long strap stretches and recoils during the recovery process, snatching the vehicle free. Reinforced loop ends reduce erosion and resist abrasion for durability.

  • Recommended for large 4x4 vehicle to vehicle recovery
  • 100% nylon webbing with a 22% stretch factor
  • 24,250 lb capacity
  • 29-1/2"L x 4"W
  • Reinforced loop ends with abrasion resistant wear pads
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1 Year Warranty


Designed for large 4WD vehicle to vehicle recovery, the 4" Snatch Strap features a heavy 24,250 lb capacity. Fully constructed of nylon webbing, the recovery strap features an elastic design with a 22% stretch factor. The strap extends and recoils back to its original length (29-1/2') pulling the bogged vehicle free.


Safely unbog large 4x4 vehicles in various offroad conditions with Thrust Offroad Accessories 4" Snatch Strap. The elasticity of the recovery strap stretches and recoils back to its standard length snatching the vehicle free. Absorbing most of the stress during recovery, the strap prevents damage to the occupied anchor points. 100% nylon webbing construction features a 22% stretch factor with a heavy duty 24,250 lb breaking strength. End loops are reinforced with abrasion resistant wear pads reducing erosion and providing additional performance. The 4" Snatch Strap is recommended for use with large 4WD vehicles. For standard offroad vehicle recovery check out the 3" Snatch Strap. The recovery strap has an overall length of 29-1/2', rolls up for compact storage and includes a one year manufacturers warranty against defects.

4" Snatch Strap - 4" Nylon stretch webbing with reinforced abrasion resistant wear pad (red) loop ends. For large 4WD vehicle to vehicle recovery.
24,250 lbs

Product Features

  • 100% nylon webbing
  • 24,250 lb capacity
  • 22% stretch factor
  • End loops reinforced with abrasion resistant wear pads
  • Ideal for large 4WD vehicle to vehicle recovery
  • Stretches and recoils back to standard length
  • Elastic design prevents damage to anchor points
  • Extra wide 4" strap
  • 3" Strap available
  • Save money purchasing a complete recovery kit
  • 29-1/2' length
  • 1 Year warranty


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