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Revarc Aluminum Arched Tri-Fold ATV Ramp - 6' & 7'6" Long

Here's an ATV ramp that's built for safety. The advanced arched design of the RevArc ATV ramp system creates a smoother, safer loading angle compared to regular straight ramps. Oversized gate grips keep the ramps stable and won't scratch your truck's paint. Raised side rails keep your wheels on track, and the system folds down to less than 18" wide to fit under your ATV during transport. Two lengths available.

  • Welded aluminum construction
  • Weight capacity of 1,300 lbs
  • Arched design for better clearance and smooth loading
  • Generous 55" width for safer, more stable surface
  • Textured rungs for improved traction
  • Rung Spacing 5-13/16"
BRAND: Revarc
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Item # Length Folded
Weight Weight
Status Price Quantity
RevArc72 72" 5-/14" 28 lbs 1,300 lbs
RevArc90 90" 5-1/4" 33 lbs 1,300 lbs


These unique ATV loading ramps have an arched and tri-fold design, providing a smooth transition while loading along with stability and convenient storage. Available in 72" and 90" lengths with a 55" width, these ATV ramps fold down to only 18" wide. Includes a lifetime limited warranty!


RevArc ATV ramps are the world's first tri-fold arched ramps! These innovative ramps combine the benefits of an arched ramp with the convenience and stability of a folding ramp. RevArc ATV ramps have a unique arched design that not only provides clearance when loading your vehicle, but also gives you a smoother transition from the ground to the truck bed than traditional arched ramps. With extra wide 18" loading rungs, 55" width, 72" or 90" length, and 1300 lb capacity, these ATV loading ramps work with almost any ATV on the market, yet conveniently fold down to just 18" wide. These aluminum ATV ramps feature Tri-Loc safety technology, which includes oversized tailgate grips, an adjustable safety strap to secure the ramp to your vehicle, and a specialized core that stabilizes the loading platform. Raised side rails and textured rungs also help you load your ATV safely. RevArc ATV ramps include a lifetime limited warranty!


Product Features

  • Easy to use and can load nearly every ATV on the market
  • Loads vehicles with tires/axles spaced 21" - 55" wide
  • TIG welded 6061-T-6 aluminum construction
  • Smoother loading with unique arched design
  • Folds down to 18" W for storage under your ATV
  • Welded end caps keep out dirt and debris
  • Oversized gate grip provides a firm hold on tailgate
  • Includes adjustable safety strap
  • Specialized core to stabilize loading platform
  • Textured rungs provide traction
  • Raised side rails keep you on track


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