Bosski RevArc Tri-Fold Arched Snowmobile Ramp - 1,500 lb Capacity, 90" Long
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Load a snowmobile into a pickup truck or trailer for hauling to snow trails, recreation areas, and hunting grounds quickly and efficiently. The RevArc trifold snowmobile ramp sets up for loading fast and features an arched design for a gradual sled loading speed at maximum clearance. Oversized tailgate grips with load straps and raised ski guides provide improved performance by keeping the snowmobile on track and the ramp secured to a pickup truck bumper.

  • Integrated traction control approach ramp
  • Sled ramps fold over the center track ramp for compact storage
  • Works with most snowmobile makes and models
  • Aluminum construction for use in any weather condition

Easily load any make or model sled into your pickup or trailer with the RevArc snowmobile ramp. This aluminum ramp offers the stability of a one-piece ramp with a convenient tri-fold design, allowing you to fold it down to 21" wide for storage. The ramp is also arched, reducing the speed required to load your snowmobile.

Raised ski guides help keep your snowmobile on track and oversized Gate Grips provide a firm grip on the tailgate. The integrated traction control bar provides maximum traction in all conditions and end caps add strength and keep out debris. The RevArc snowmobile ramp includes 3 ratchet straps and has a limited lifetime warranty.

Total: 49-1/2"
Ski Ramps: 8"
Center Ramp: 16"
44 lbs
1500 lbs

Product Features

  • Works with most sled makes and models
  • Aluminum construction
  • Stable one-piece design
  • Arched design reduces speed required to load
  • Tri-folds for compact storage
  • Raised ski guides and oversized Gate Grips prevent sliding
  • Built-in traction control technology
  • End caps keep out debris and increase strength
  • Includes 3 safety ratchet straps
  • Ski ramp width is 8"
  • Center ramp width is 16"

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Not recommended for use with studded tracks. This voids warranty.
  • Product is designed for standard single-carbide skis. Warranty is void if dual-carbides, deep-carbides or skis that create friction are used with standard Blue Glides.


Instruction Manual
Limited Lifetime Warranty


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Review Summary (Based on 2 Reviews)


5 Stars Convenient Loading

Tom from MA wrote (March 30, 2015):

I bought this ramp because loading it in Lowell, MA had always been a challenge. I knew wherever I was going to ride there would be a snowbank, but the banks near my house were historically too small (well, prior to this winter anyway). Loading it is great, you can even stop halfway and go without any track spin. The ramp is a little bulky but it's built great and works great. The only problem I have is that even with the grooves on the guides, my brand new carbides would get stuck when backing off of the truck. Just poor luck that one of the carbides would hit the blue plastic dead on, then I had to hop off and yank up on the back side of the skis. Over the summer I plan on taking the dremel to the first couple to make more of an angle so the carbide will slide into a groove. Of course if the carbide lines up perfectly with a groove then it's not a problem. I would recommend buying the RevArc Sled Riser with it. I used a piece of strapping to keep the track up, otherwise the sled sits directly on the lip of the ramp and you have to pull it out from under it....which then makes the ramp fall to the ground. It also ripped the rubber off it which is no longer usable, but I have a bed liner so the rubber isn't needed to protect paint. I have a short track MXZ with a standard bed 1500 Silverado. I wish they could shave about an inch and a half off of the folded up width. It will sit on its side in the bed of the truck and I can close the tailgate, but it's too high to shut the tonneau cover. I bought a bike lock so it doesn't disappear after long hours in a parking lot. I'm happy I bought it. It's a lot of money but what isn't with snowmobiling. I recommend this to anyone who's considering it. The price seems to be fixed across vendors, but had a coupon that gave me some savings.

5 Stars revarc ramp and riser

Gerald from IL wrote (January 19, 2015):

Having only used a few times the ramp and riser work really good i am pleased with the way it travels and is very light.The ramp has worked good that is why i am giving it five stars.