Apex Deluxe Universal Side Rail Mounted Steel Roof Crossbars – 55-1/2" Long

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Note: We do not have a database of vehicles that these cross bars will fit. Please measure your vehicle before purchasing.

Utilize the Roof Space on your Vehicle

Create extra space for carrying luggage, cargo and other equipment with the carbon fiber Apex Deluxe Universal Side Rail Mounted Crossbars. Featuring a 150-lb weight capacity these roof bars have adjustable clamps to accommodate nearly any car, truck, van or SUV. The clamps are easily operated using a turn knob to create a secure fit on side rails from 1" to 1-7/8" wide. Each crossbar also features a lock for added security.

Features and Benefits

  • Carbon steel construction
  • Easy turn knobs adjust clamps to fit side rails
  • Each crossbar is lockable
  • 55-1/2"L x 4-1/4"W x 4"H
  • Set of 2 sold in pairs

Please note, these are universal roof bars – please measure the width of your side bars or rails and compare to our specs before purchasing

Pair of locking steel roof rack crossbars
150 lbs

These are universal roof bars - Please measure your roof side bars/rails and compare to our specs before purchasing!!

side rail measurement diagram

Item # A B C D
RLB-2301 No Min. - 46.5" Max. 1.75" Max. 1.75" Max. 1.75" Min.
RB-1001-49 No Min. - 50" Max. 1" Min. - 1.75" Max. 1.5" Max. 2" Min.
RB-1004-49 36" Min - 48" Max. 1" Min. - 6.75" Max. 2" Max. 2.25" Min.
RB-1006-49 38" Min. - 49" Max. 1" Min. - 1.875" Max. 1.5" Max. 2.25" Min.
RLB-54 No Min. - 50.5" Max. *See diagram on product page *See diagram on product page Hex Bolt: 2.75" Min.
Standard Bolt: 1.75" Min.

Product Features

  • Pair of durable, carbon steel crossbars
  • Attaches to vehicle side rails quickly and easily
  • Easy turn knobs adjust clamps to fit side rails from 1" to 1-7/8" wide
  • Each crossbar is key lockable
  • Clamps slide along crossbars to adjust to different side rail spans (38" to 49")
  • Includes stick-on plastic tabs to help protect side rails from clamp tightening bolt
  • 1 year warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

Minimum Crossbar Spread: 28-1/2"


Instruction Manual
Crossbar Measurement Diagram


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Review Summary (Based on 23 Reviews)


5 Stars easy and quality

Kevin from CO wrote (December 07, 2016):

These came assembled and were very easy to install. They look great and the quality seems good.

4 Stars RB-1006-49 LD steel roof cross bars

Paul from OH wrote (November 30, 2016):

I purchased these for my daughters SUV and they fit good and seem to be well built. The price is very good.

5 Stars Raise the roof (rack)

Holly from OH wrote (September 17, 2016):

Great product for the price!! Easy to install, locks for security, SUPER FAST shipping!

5 Stars Excellent product

Steve from PA wrote (April 11, 2016):

Bought for our 2015 VW Golf Sportwagen. Much lower cost than for OEM. Will serve our purpose very well for transporting long items. I had to add a rubber spacer under the clamp to raise the clamp some since the VW side rails are very low but this did not present a problem.

5 Stars Excellent!

Steve from CA wrote (December 05, 2015):

Received the racks vary fast. Easy to install, fit is great and holds down my cargo box firmly. Couldn't be happier.

5 Stars Exceeded my expectations!

Al from CT wrote (July 22, 2015):

These are awesome! They fit my 2012 Toyota 4runner just fine. Nice quality... Just as described.... You can tell these will last.

5 Stars Works as advertised

Jon from NY wrote (July 21, 2015):

I bought the product as a fairly inexpensive alternative. The product mounts easily and holds securely. I also like that it can be locked. Does everything I hoped for which is not always the case with online purchases.

5 Stars Roof Rack Cross Bars-49 inch

J from WI wrote (July 10, 2015):

I have been looking for awhile for a pair of cross bars for my Buick Terazza and have been shocked at the price, then I found discountramps.com! I was concerned whether the bars would come in time for our vacation but they showed up within two days. I have already installed them and they look great. The website was easy to navigate and the instructions and video were very helpful. Thank you!

5 Stars Durable, and works

Paul from AZ wrote (June 19, 2015):

All parts came quickly and in tact. Bars feel very strong. Looks good!

5 Stars 2014 Subaru crosstrek

Tom from WA wrote (June 17, 2015):

Great fit and easy to adjust. Some minor whistling solved with a pair of foam ear plugs jammed in the hole on the adjustment handles. Did great with my 17' aluminum canoe on 200 mile round trip. Stuck to the rails like glue, no shifting sliding or worries. The lock is a great extra at this price. Purchased through amazon.

5 Stars Worth the price - great buy.

Matt from PA wrote (June 15, 2015):

I was not willing to pay close to $300 for factory cross rails or big name brand aftermarket bars. These fit my 2015 Nissan Pathfinder perfectly, and I was able to attach my cargo box to these with no trouble whatsoever. Easy to install and uninstall. No scuff marks or other marks on my rails. I am not sure why the required distance from the roof listed by manufacturer is so large. Based on reading the specifications, I was nervous that these would not fit. I measured and do not quite have 2 1/4 inch clearance from the roof to the top of the cross bar, but these fit with plenty of room to spare. Discountramps shipped same day and they arrived very quickly and well packaged in original box.

5 Stars 2012 PATHFINDER

Martin from CA wrote (June 10, 2015):

I was so excited when I received this product and even more as the installation was so quick and easy! I would recommend this product without a doubt!!

5 Stars 2013 Ford Explorer

Lew from CA wrote (June 09, 2015):

I just received the racks and was able to install them very quickly. They are a bit snug, but was able to fit them securely without any significant effort.. Secured units with tightening knobs and then locked units. Not only did the units fit well they looked like they belonged there. I doubt f I will remove them not that I don't have to worry about them being stolen.

5 Stars Great Procust

Jay from AZ wrote (June 03, 2015):

Since I was young, I was told work hard and you will go far. What I found out when I got older is that if you work smarter you go father. With your Cross Rails I plan on doing such. My dilemma was I just purchase a 27’ travel trailer and a new 9’4” boat. So how do you bring both with you and you only have a Tahoe. Simple, purchase the Cross rails put them on the roof along with the boat. This is working smarter. Thank you for your product and the great craftsman’s ship of the product you provided to help me work smarter.

5 Stars Terrific Product

Debbie from IL wrote (May 30, 2015):

These are a great product for transporting anything and keeping your car protected from being damaged. They are easy to install, very stable and very strong. I love that they lock so that I don't have to worry about them being stolen--because anyone would love to have them. Customer service is awesome. I misplaced the keys and they responded quickly and without question sending me a new set. I was really impressed with how responsive they were.

4 Stars 2013 Subaru Crosstrek

Brian from AR wrote (May 15, 2015):

Fits 2013 Subaru Crosstrek .Like it so far. I've had yet to take it out and use it. Installation was a breeze, takes only minutes to put on and take off. Plastic seems a little thin where it connects to the rail, but may be no biggie. Overall i like it.

4 Stars Just what was needed

Sam from CO wrote (May 03, 2015):

Just recieved them put them on and used them to haul some lumber. Just what I was looking for and at a third of the price of more expensive bars great find for me as they will also fit my families needs also

5 Stars Roof Crossbars

Darrin from ME wrote (April 19, 2015):

I couldn't believe how simple and quick it took to install. I bought these crossbars to carry additional items on top instead of in my SUV to transport item back a forth to Boston.My daughter is in college and it makes the trip more enjoyable with more room inside the vehicle. The crossbars actually look like they came with the vehicle. I am very happy with the purchase of them. I think that I will get alot of use with them.

5 Stars Absolutely Awesome

Matt from PA wrote (January 14, 2015):

I was a little skeptical at first to stray from the manufacturers products(I mean after all, they were meant for the car). I decided that the Rage steel crossbars were worth a try. Let me tell you, I was impressed even before I opened the box. Allow me to explain. The box itself had a really nice weight to it, not too heavy, not too light to give me the feeling something cheap was inside. When I took the bars out, I knew right then that there would be no returns necessary. The quality of these was outstanding. Installation would have been no more than 5 minutes if it wasn't for my OCD when it came to spacing them perfectly. If your fine with just eyeing them up(I had my tape measure out), it should really not take you any time at all. The bars gripped the factory rails really really well. These things were budging! I had a Sears XL Cargo Carrier that I loaded on top(with luggage and a baby's worth of stuff) and there was not the least bit of dip in the bars. Yeah, they hum when you have them on and you get up to about 35 mph, but so what...they look bad ass on our Impreza Sport. The hum actually went away after putting on the cargo carrier, which made for a quiet trip from PA to FL. I'd recommend these to anyone who decided to tuck and roll at the sight of some of the bigger brand name prices. I'm actually purchasing another set for our other vehicle when they come back in stock.

5 Stars Totally as advertised

Chris from MA wrote (December 30, 2014):

It fit my 2015 Subaru Forrester perfectly and screwed firmly into place with a few turns. I like the extra width (compared to the standard 48-inch width) and the fact that I can pop them on and off so easily. The key lock is a once feature, too, and there are two keys with a beefy rubber grip. I really liked Discount Ramps video on how to install the rack. It gave me confidence that they knew their product. The racks also come with a detailed printed installation sheet. Discount Ramps gave it a lot of careful thought, even though it's a fairly inexpensive product in their line.

5 Stars FINALLY, a reason to not spend $400 on Thule or Yakima

John from CA wrote (December 09, 2014):

Simple, strong steel cross bars that mounted on my Ford Flex roof rails. Easy to install and super sturdy, why spend $400 on the name brands in the bike store for such a simple product ?

5 Stars Roof rack cross bars

Marc from CA wrote (September 21, 2014):

Fit great on my 2010 Pilot - carrying an 11' kayak

5 Stars Great crossbars for the money

jon from CO wrote (September 21, 2014):

I like the easy install and adjustability and the bars are solid.

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