Apex Universal Side Rail Mounted Steel Roof Crossbars – 49-3/4" Long
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Note: We do not have a database of vehicles that these cross bars will fit. Please measure your vehicle before purchasing.

Create Extra Space using the Roof of your Vehicle

Carry up to 130-lbs of extra gear on your next road trip with the Apex Universal Side Rail Mounted Steel Roof Crossbars. Designed to fit most cars, trucks and SUVs, these crossbars are made from heavy-duty steel and feature a smooth black powder-coat finish. Rubber coated clamps protect your vehicle from scratches while offering stability during travel. These bars are easy to install and work great with roof cargo baskets! Please note, these crossbars are not compatible with angled side rails.

Features and Benefits

  • Made from black epoxy powder coated steel
  • 130-lb carrying capacity
  • Fits side rails mounted up to 46.5" wide
  • Requires side rails with 1-3/4" roof clearance and which are no more than 1-3/4"W
  • Adjustable rubber coated feet for easy installation
Universal Roof Rack Cross Bars - Pair
130 lbs
49 3/4"

These are universal roof bars - Please measure your roof side bars/rails and compare to our specs before purchasing!!

side rail measurement diagram

Item # A B C D
RLB-2301 No Min. - 46.5" Max. 1.75" Max. 1.75" Max. 1.75" Min.
RB-1001-49 No Min. - 50" Max. 1" Min. - 1.75" Max. 1.5" Max. 2" Min.
RB-1004-49 36" Min - 48" Max. 1" Min. - 6.75" Max. 2" Max. 2.25" Min.
RB-1006-49 38" Min. - 49" Max. 1" Min. - 1.875" Max. 1.5" Max. 2.25" Min.
RLB-54 No Min. - 50.5" Max. *See diagram on product page *See diagram on product page Hex Bolt: 2.75" Min.
Standard Bolt: 1.75" Min.

Product Features

  • 130 lb weight capacity evenly distributed
  • Rubber coated feet won't scratch your paint
  • Max side bar width - 1 3/4"
  • Fits many vehicles with side bars already installed
  • Strong 130 lb weight capacity
  • Robust steel construction with a black epoxy powder-coating
  • Adjustable feet slide up to 46.5" wide
  • 1 year warranty
  • Will not grip on angled side bars!

Warning and Usage Guidelines

Note: We do not have a database of vehicles that these cross bars will fit - Please measure the width of your roof side bars/rails and compare to our specs before purchasing

Will NOT grip on angled side bars


Instruction Manual
Crossbar Measurement Diagram


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Review Summary (Based on 34 Reviews)


5 Stars Cross bars Honda Odyssey

Schwal from NV wrote (August 27, 2016):

Bought these cross bars to go on a OEM honda odyssey roof rack. Very pleased with the quality of these bars...heavy, sturdy and easy to put on. Have not travelled with them yet but have no fear of them coming loose. Excellent deal compared to yakima/thule/other after-market bars.

5 Stars Excellent value

D from SC wrote (August 02, 2016):

Rather than going with the $300 OEM crossbars for my '16 Golf Sportwagen, I decided to give these a try. They're a snap to take on and off in about 60 seconds, which is perfect because I only need them a few times a year and don't wan't them to stay on the car. Held two kayaks with no problem.

5 Stars Better than I expected at this price!

Jason from UT wrote (April 12, 2016):

The quality is good and the bars feel solid and strong. I put a large, wide hard shell aluminum car top carrier loaded with luggage on these cross bars and did 50 hours of driving over spring break. They fit our Toyota Sienna perfectly (side rails were already installed) and stayed snugly attached with no need to re-tighten. There was no whistling or wind noise and despite driving through some high winds and heavy rain, they did not slip, bend, or loosen whatsoever. The best feature for me was how easy they were to put on and take off. Just twist the plastic wingnuts by hand, no tools or great strength required. I debated whether I needed cross bars that lock, but with the carrier on top there was little point locking the bars on as well. And because they are so fast and simple to put on and remove, I will just keep the bars off when we are not using the car top carrier. So I am glad I did not get locking bars with more pieces that could break or rust or whistle. And the price for these was excellent--a third the price of comparable name-brand items. If you have an SUV, minivan, or large sedan you should not need bars any wider than these at 49.75". The grips will adjust as narrow as you would ever need, but for very small vehicles the bars would probably stick out too far over the doors to be safe. I called customer service before ordering because of my limited window before leaving on this vacation. They were super friendly and helpful to work with and the item arrived right when they said it would!

5 Stars Simple

Matt from MI wrote (April 03, 2016):

These were very simple to put on top of our car, and very easy to take off as well. No extra hardware needed. Also holds up great for holding 2 kayaks on top of our small SUV. I would definitely recommend.

5 Stars Easy to install and sturdy

John lane from OH wrote (February 10, 2016):

These install very easy within 2 minutes and are very sturdy after you tighten them down I will definitely buy another pair for another vehicle

4 Stars Great buy for a good price

Kelly from NY wrote (February 06, 2016):

Easiest bars to install and remove on my Subaru. Definitely recommend these, good buy.

5 Stars Awesome product

Erin from NY wrote (January 16, 2016):

Got the bars for my Chevy Captiva, easiest installation and no need for tools was GREAT!!! Got them to carry my skis around. I will definitely recommend these to anyone needing to add them to their vehicle.

5 Stars bookmark this site

Darryl from PA wrote (January 14, 2016):

got rack today for rav4. easy on and off. will work great for canoe and yak.. will be ordering more items.great site.thank you

5 Stars Ladder carrier

Thomas from UT wrote (January 14, 2016):

This Roof Rack fits my VW Touareg and allows me to only make one trip with equipment inside and two ladders on the roof. This is easy to install and can be removed when not in use. Great product and very useful.

5 Stars Great product.

Dick from FL wrote (September 12, 2015):

i ordered the bars to use on my 2013 Equinox and 2015 CX5. They easily on both. I ordered them over Labor Day weekend and received them less than a week.

5 Stars perfect fit

Gary from PA wrote (August 22, 2015):

Just arrived and installed. Fits on my 15 Kia Sorento like a glove. Looking forward to getting a lot of use from same. Bought same for roof top carried and kayak.

5 Stars The only alternative for Mini Cooper with roof bar

Oliver from MA wrote (July 24, 2015):

This is easy to instal, good quality and fitting with the Mini! At this price versus other solutions above $ 200 for Mini Clubman, its the best alternative ever!! Highly recommended for all Mini Cooper Clubman owners. Thank you Discount Ramps!!!

4 Stars Roof Rack

Ralph from MN wrote (July 22, 2015):

This rack works well with my 2010 Nissan Rogue. Good price compared to custom racks, and it held my canoe just fine. My main complaint is that the description of those cars that this rack fits was unclear, but other reviews said that it fits the Rogue. Good purchase for the money.

5 Stars Great roof rack

Paul from FL wrote (July 17, 2015):

it was easy to install and worked great! our daughter and family came to Florida and loaded their SUV to go home and the roof rack fit the bill exactly.

5 Stars good quality for price

jeanine from OH wrote (July 16, 2015):

fit well and are sturdy for my 91/2' kayak. very easy to install, took 10 minutes. noticed some noise while on freeway but I guess that is to be expected. very pleased

5 Stars Exactly as Stated

Kevin from KS wrote (July 12, 2015):

Very, Easy to install and position on the top of our 2007 Jeep Liberty. Simple to set at the right side, one thing you could do to help is have a marker on each side so you know how much you have to spread out. Other than that great item.

5 Stars Simple, easy, and works

Ben from NY wrote (July 11, 2015):

Just got my new roof rack and we installed it in 5 minutes. Sturdy as a rock. Added pads for my windsurf board and good to go!

5 Stars More that I expected!

Edgar B. from MA wrote (June 30, 2015):

i have a 2014 RAV4 and I thought the running bars for it would be a little too thick for the cross bar clamp. It isn't. it opened wide, really wide. Managed to screw it in, I always check to make sure it's tight at every stop. it is. Drove 12 hours, no problem. Really good buy for the price. Totally worth it. I like to go a bit overboard so, next long drive, I'm putting in a strap.

5 Stars Perfect roof rack cross bars

James from MO wrote (June 28, 2015):

I liked the product description and the price for the item I was interested in.. I ordered the product and when it arrived I installed them right away. I am impressed with the quality of the item and the ease of installation. They blend in the my roof rack. It was a great purchase, great price and outstanding delivery. I look forward to many years of use.

5 Stars Great Product!

Mark from OH wrote (June 27, 2015):

Great product. Well made, designed and arrived on my doorstep 1 day early! Fits my old Yakima Cartop carrier just great!

5 Stars Best purchase for quality and cost!!!

Cody from SD wrote (June 27, 2015):

I recently decided to get into being a more out active and outdoors person (not that I wasn't before) and decided I wanted to get a kayak. Spent a lot of time reviewing many racks like this one and either they seemed too cheaply made or way out of my budget with buying a new kayak. I decided to go with this one as someone else on Amazon had purchased it for their 2004 Jeep Liberty. Knowing it would fit my racks as I also drive a Jeep Liberty ('05) I knew it would be a great purchase. Arrived Earlier than quoted!! Almost by a week!! When I had received it I knew it was great quality as this thing is heavy but solid. I had to try it out and put it on right away. Looks great, works great for transporting the kayak's to and from the river. Best purchase for this price range hands down. Thank you very much for the great racks! Will definitely be going to your site when it's time to upgrade!

5 Stars Strong and easy to use.

Eric from WI wrote (June 26, 2015):

This unit is heavier than I expected and very easy to install. I have used it haul lumber and my canoe on top of a Pontiac Vibe. After using, it takes just a few minutes to take it off the vehicle. I am going to dab a bit of heavy oil on the bolts. It should last a long time.

5 Stars Time will tell.

Craig from ME wrote (June 23, 2015):

Fit well,look solid and the price is very reasonable. I will put them to a number of tests and chime in later.

5 Stars Universal Crossbars - excellent fit for GMC 2012 Acadia

Steve from PA wrote (June 23, 2015):

I have two GM vehicles with side rails but no cross bars. Found these bars by searching specific vehicle make and year. Thought I would give them a try. Arrived yesterday. Good sturdy packaging. Simple instructions that I looked after I was done installing the crossbars on a 2012 Acadia. Excellent fit and very sturdy. I'll come back to Discount Ramps when the need arrives.

5 Stars Good product, very satisfied

David from NC wrote (June 14, 2015):

Bought this for my 2015 Nissan Rogue SV - fits perfectly. Easy on and off, solid, sturdy. I only occasionally use the roof for transport and wanted something that would be quick and easy to use but able to do the job. The product was shipped promptly, arrived on time, in good shape. Instructions are clear and simple, though the product doesn't really need much in the way of instruction.

5 Stars universal roof rack - fits 2004 dodge durango

Kayak Lady from AL wrote (June 03, 2015):

I have a 2004 dodge durango - the roof rack fit with some minor adjustment. At first it was not sitting flush on my side railings since the clamp was hitting the roof, since it was maybe 1/16 -1/8 of an inch additional clearance that was needed I just slid of the very bottom of the protective rubber coating of the clamp - no nothing touched my roof an the bars sit flush. Seem to be very secure and were still tight after a 5 hour trip in the rain carrying max load.

4 Stars Great rails, great price

Gary from VA wrote (May 22, 2015):

Bought this for our 2010 Honda Odyssey to hold a Thule SUP Taxi system. Shipment was quick, installation was easy, quality of the rails is high, and the instructions were well written. The only area for improvement would be in design, to address noise abatement through streamlining the knobs on the tightening screws. We are very happy with our purchase and recommend these to other users.

5 Stars Roof Bars

Tim from IL wrote (May 19, 2015):

I like the low profile design. I like the price as compared to other units. The simple design and ease of installation makes this a referable unit. One thing I wish was a way to secure this unit like a lock to keep theft from becoming a concern. I needed a way to transport my 28ft. ladder without having to use my big van.

4 Stars Easy on- Easy off

Richard from MA wrote (April 29, 2015):

I bought these rack to fit atop my 2009 Ford Escape so I could haul larger items safely and securely. I was impressed how easily the go on and come off. But once on, they are sturdy! This was important because I will only use them use them once in a while and don't want them on my vehicle all of the time.

5 Stars Good product and easy

Amanda from IA wrote (March 08, 2015):

I just got these for my 2005 Ford Focus station wagon. The were so easy to install, fits perfect and really seems like a quality item. Not cheaply made.

5 Stars Life is simple again

William from FL wrote (January 27, 2015):

Brought roof cross bar for my jeep Liberty (2007) love them looks good and so easy too install Love them just great.

5 Stars Great for the money

Jerry from PA wrote (January 13, 2015):

Seems to be solid and compatible to the Thule system. I plan to use this bar as the winter setup while the OEM bar will be for summer bikes and kayak.

5 Stars solid rack

bridget from CO wrote (December 05, 2014):

These just came in the mail, they fit great on my outback! I installed them in literally 4 minutes and they feel solid and sturdy, I recommend this rack!

4 Stars Universal Roof Rack

William Ostrander from WY wrote (November 28, 2014):

Obviously, these are not like a factory installed product. HOWEVER, for the price of these compared to the price of a factory job or some Thule racks, these are phenomenal. We use ours to carry an aluminum canoe. They install easily and stay put. Unlike some products from other manufacturers. They also come off your vehicle easily and quickly. We only put ours on when we need to haul the canoe. That helps save a little gas. These are well worth the investment. The only reason I gave them a 4 star and not a 5 is that they aren't the prettiest things. As far as functionality, they are perfect. Worth a try.

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