Locking Aluminum Roof Cross Bars

Our universal aluminum roof bars provide the perfect foundation for mounting any type of roof top cargo or equipment carrier to your vehicle. These aluminum roof bars easily clamp onto the existing roof side rails of your vehicle and are tightened in place using large easy-turn knobs. With a 150 lb capacity, you can use these roof bars to carry all of your gear safely and easily on your vehicle. Sold in pairs.

  • Made from lightweight aluminum
  • Each roof bar is 53-3/8"L x 2-1/8"W x 7/8"H
  • Secures to roof rail in seconds with rubber coated clamps and the easy to use turning knobs (no tools required)
  • Fits vehicle racks 1-3/4"W x 1-1/2"H and 50" apart
  • Each bar locks to side rail for security (key lock included)
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Integrated no slip rubber on top of bar protects cargo
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Note: We do not have a database of vehicles that these cross bars will fit. Please measure your vehicle before purchasing.
1 Year Warranty


Designed for vehicles with existing roof side rails. Large clamps with large, easy-turn knobs allow for quick installation and operation. Each clamp slides along a 53-3/8" RoofTop Bar and grips to the vehicle side rail.


Rage Powersports Premium Aluminum Locking RoofTop Bars have a large, easy to use clamping system designed to slide along each RoofTop Bar and squeeze tight to existing vehicle roof side rails. They can also be attached to a cargo basket, allowing you to utilize the basket and attach roof mounted accessories to the crossbars at the same time. The roof bars are available in a 53-3/8" length. Clamps feature a large, easy-turn knob and key locks (one per pair). The RB-1001-49 RoofTop Bars have a 150 lb capacity and must be at least 15" apart on the vehicle roof to properly balance cargo loads. Each 2-1/8" wide RoofTop Bar is 7/8" thick and has a 5/8" wide, ribbed rubber insert specifically designed for added traction when holding cargo. Complete with a one year manufacturer's warranty.

Pair of premium locking RoofTop Bars
150 lbs
Rage Powersports Roof Bar Fit Guide

These are universal roof bars - Please measure your roof side bars/rails and compare to our specs before purchasing!!

side rail measurement diagram

Item # A B C D
RLB-2301 No Min. - 46.5" Max. 1.75" Max. 1.75" Max. 1.75" Min.
RB-1001-49 No Min. - 50" Max. 1" Min. - 1.75" Max. 1.5" Max. 2" Min.
RB-1004-49 36" Min - 48" Max. 1" Min. - 6.75" Max. 2" Max. 2.25" Min.
RB-1006-49 38" Min. - 49" Max. 1" Min. - 1.875" Max. 1.5" Max. 2.25" Min.
RLB-54 No Min. - 50.5" Max. *See diagram on product page *See diagram on product page Hex Bolt: 2.75" Min.
Standard Bolt: 1.75" Min.

Product Features

  • One pair of 53-3/8"L x 2-1/8"W x 7/8"H aluminum cross bars
  • Four large easy-turn knobs, two of them lockable (includes two keys)
  • Works with vehicle side rails up to 1-3/4"W x 1-1/2"H and 50" apart
  • Proper balance requires each RoofTop Bar to be spaced at least 15" apart
  • 5/8" ribbed rubber insert on each bar for added grip
  • Clamps slide along the RoofTop Bar track for width adjustment
  • Fast and easy installation / operation
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Designed for vehicles with existing roof side rails
  • Securing longer roof cargo requires bow & stern tie down straps to stabilize load
  • These are universal roof bars - Please measure the width of your roof side bars/rails and compare to our specs before purchasing!!


Instruction Manual


How To: Tie-Down Roof Cargo

Review Summary (Based on 7 Reviews)


5 Stars Exceptional product value

Terry from WI wrote (January 19, 2015):

Bought these as a trial, as I didn't want to spend the bigger bucks for a big name. We've traveled 1000 miles with rhem thus far and fell confident we will experience no problems regardless of weather and driving conditions for a lot of miles to come. They attach to our roof rack with ease, lock very efficiently, support 150 pounds, and glide quietly whether under load or sitting by themselves. Highly recommend the product to all.

5 Stars Good quality,

Rafal from VA wrote (December 19, 2014):

Easy to install and tightens down without any problems. Quick to adjust, durable and will not mark the surface of your existing roof rack. 53" fit perfectly on my Buick Terraza. The seller was great to order from.

5 Stars Great Value!

Jim from NH wrote (December 09, 2014):

I purchased the locking aluminum roof bars and found them to be rugged and well built. They are aerodynamic and the built in rubber strip on top helps prevent slippage. They were easy to install on the factory roof bars on my Ford Escape. They work well carrying skis and hauling stuff to the dump.

5 Stars RB-1001-49 Aluminum Roof Cross Bars " Great Product "

John from NY wrote (September 30, 2014):

These bars are super. They are very well made, are easy to install, do not cause any noise when driving and also look great on our car. Anyone needing cross bars that can be taken on and off often eaisly should buy these. The end clamps that slide along the bars make adjustment very easy for any side rail width and the knobs make attaching to side rails a snap. Great Product. Well worth the money.

5 Stars Exactly what I wanted

Dan from WA wrote (September 28, 2014):

I ordered these thru Amazon for my 2013 Suzuki SX4 Crossover. After reading the simple, clear installation instructions, the installation was done in 15 minutes with NO problems, no tools needed! The fit was near perfect for the existing roof rails, adjustments were easy, and the overall installation was strong and solid. BONUS, the ski box and kayak rack from my previous Forester bolted right on! If there's a down side, I can't see it. These are just as good as the "big name" manufacturers', and MUCH less expensive.

5 Stars A great product

Peter from MA wrote (September 23, 2014):

We surveyed many cross bars. When we installed this set, we were very pleased. They are sleek looking, so they don't appear to be something added to the car. They are very sturdy, and should have the strength to bear any load we put on it. The locking mechanism never seems important till you go to your car and the bars are gone....that's happened to us. These cross bars are comparable to the ones that cost many times the price in looks and sturdiness.

5 Stars Look and feel like $300 cross bars!

Rocky from NJ wrote (September 16, 2014):

These bars fit perfect and installed in less than 15 minutes. They really look nice on my 2012 Jeep Liberty Jet. Delivery was fast. The build quality and material leave me no doubt that they will support the 150 pound rating.