Guardian Rubber Curb Ramp - 14-3/25"L x 23-1/2"W
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  • Manufactured from high-density thermoplastic rubber
  • Ribbed traction surface for use in all weather conditions
  • Supports up to 60,000 lbs
  • For use on curbs up to 5-9/10"

Modular Design for Versetile Use

Provide permanent or temporary truck, forklift or other heavy duty equipment access up curbs with this 30 ton industrial ramp. The 35-lb Guardian Rubber Curb Ramp features a reflective surface for visibility and rubber treads for maximum traction in any weather conditions. Preformed holes give you the option for permanent installation, and the modular design allows you to build your own custom ramp system for specific applications.

35 lbs
60,000 lbs

Product Features

  • Reflective yellow safety pattern for greater visibility
  • Manufactured with high-density thermoplastic rubber
  • Textured, non-slip surface
  • Mounting holes for optional permanent mounting
  • Designed for use in all weather conditions
  • All ramps sold individually
  • 1 year warranty
  • Corner side ramps available for more access

Review Summary (Based on 13 Reviews)


5 Stars Exactly What I Wanted

Byron from NY wrote (June 16, 2016):

I ordered two ramps as my new shed is approximately 6' above the ground. These ramps work perfectly for getting my lawn equipment in and out.

5 Stars Best choice for the money

David from CA wrote (February 25, 2016):

We recently added another driveway by our house, for RV parking. The city absolutely would not allow us to pour a concrete ramp, and they would not allow us to permanently attach anything to the concrete curb or gutter. This became challenging and the pricing from a few metal works companies was crazy expensive, and we had to worry about theft from those that recycle metals. Discount ramps was the perfect solution for us. We purchased 6 of the 6" and 2 of the end caps. My husband received a military discount and they were shipped and received in a couple of days. He placed them then bolted them together, decided we need a couple more and ordered and received within a couple of days. They are in place and have the yellow caution striping on them. Works wonderful. The transition over the curb is barely noticeable. Now if we could get our 5th wheel back from the shop, all will be well. I'm so happy we decided to try discount ramps. More affordable, durable, looks great...

5 Stars Walk Over

John Batchelder from TX wrote (October 27, 2015):

This ramp is just what I needed inside a concrete containment area where we have a 2" pipe running along the floor. The pipe is supported and is exactly the height of the ramp so I purchased two ramps and put one on either side of the pipe.

5 Stars Curb Ramp

Nicholas from NV wrote (October 11, 2015):

I just purchased two 5.9" curb ramps, so that I could move my motor home off the street without spending thousands of dollars to change the curb. They work perfect.

5 Stars Crub Ramps Model KR36R

Bob from CA wrote (July 11, 2015):

Very well made and strong, just what I needed to get my Motorhome over the Curb to the back yard. Just 1 Comment that I would like to make is that they need to be 12" wider for the duel wheels on a Motorhome and they would be easier to drive on if they was about 6" longer. Shipping was great and arrived on time in good condition. Would buy again from this seller.

5 Stars Residential

Tina from CA wrote (June 22, 2015):

I bought this for my husband who wanted to build a ramp with a contractor. These heavy duty and high quality ramps are so easy to place along our high curb (it was hard to find something higher than 4 inches tall) so we can park our sedan in our driveway.

5 Stars Heavy duty

Laura from CA wrote (May 15, 2015):

Strong, heavy duty, should last a long time. Arrived early!

5 Stars Solid ramp for use with RV

Cindy from CA wrote (April 22, 2015):

I bought 2 of these ramps to get my small airstream trailer over the curb into the storage area by the side of my house. Works perfect and these will last forever. Small to store in back of trailer or garage.

5 Stars Exceptional quality, great light-reflectors and not too heavy for a lady to lift

Marta Pfingsten from CA wrote (April 07, 2015):

These ramps have saved Me money, time, and hardship from driving my Mazda3 and my humongous Navigator into / out of my sideyard and safely onto the cul-de-sac street I live on. The price was Half of what I expected. They were delivered quickly! I was able to use them right away (be it night or day) and no longer worried about damaging the axel of my Mazda3 nor worried about jumping the curb while transporting my kids to their after school events. Although the ramps are Heavy-duty, I was amazed that I was able to lift them without any pain to my wrists (I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome). These ramps are ideal for anyone who lives on a cul-de-sac street and has no driveway to get their cars onto their property!!.I thank you and my teenagers thank you for giving us a safe way to get where we need to be without damaging our cars.

4 Stars Ramps for a container

Shawn from IN wrote (March 10, 2015):

These are solid. Very well marked. Caution too steep for a tow motor to use. Overall great product! Discount ramps shipped lightning quick.

5 Stars Trailer ramp

Donna from CA wrote (March 02, 2015):

We bought these to get our Trailer over the curb. Very sturdy but not so i heavy that i cannott move them om my own.

5 Stars Rubber Ramps

Tony from CA wrote (February 25, 2015):

I bought 2 of these rubberized curb ramps for a Conex Box Storage Container so that I can load and unload from it, I have a golf cart and some other items I keep in there for storage and I'm constantly going in and out of it. I used to use scraps of wood piled on top of one another, but now these rubberized curb ramps fit the bill. They even have holes in the middle so you can bolt them to the floor so on one runs off with them.

5 Stars Commercial Utility Ramp

Jerry from OR wrote (September 30, 2014):

I just purchased these ramps to get my motorhome over the curb on the sidewalk. (The previous product I tried was too flimsy and fell apart after very few uses.) These seem to be much sturdier and made to last doing this type of work. If I could make one suggestion, it would be to make them longer to come out into the street more.

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