Bluff Manufacturing Steel Modular Guard Rails
Safety Gaurd Rail

Protect equipment and structures with safety guard rails! These powder coated yellow guard rails are made of formed 10 gauge steel that can withstand impacts up to 10,000lbs at 4 miles per hour! Installs in minutes with included fasteners! Save money by preventing employee injury, insurance claims, and repairs with the safety guard rails!

Item # Description Weight Size Status Price
SRP18 Safety Rail Post 39 lbs 18"
In Stock
SRP30 Safety Rail Post 52 lbs 30"
In Stock
SRP42 Safety Rail Post 65 lbs 42"
In Stock
SRF1 Safety Rail 12 lbs 12"
In Stock
SRF2 Safety Rail 19.5 lbs 24"
In Stock
SRF3 Safety Rail 27 lbs 36"
In Stock
SRF4 Safety Rail 34.5 lbs 48"
In Stock
SRF5 Safety Rail 42 lbs 60"
In Stock
SRF6 Safety Rail 49.5 lbs 72"
In Stock
SRF7 Safety Rail 57 lbs 84"
In Stock
SRF8 Safety Rail 64.5 lbs 96"
In Stock
SRF9 Safety Rail 72 lbs 108"
In Stock
SRF10 Safety Rail 79.5 lbs 120"
In Stock
SRF11 Safety Rail 87 lbs 132"
In Stock
SRF12 Safety Rail 94 lbs 144"
In Stock
SRCC Safety Rail Corner Connector
(requires 1 per corner, per rail)
0.5 lbs -
In Stock
SRL Safety Rail
Lift-out attachment pair
10 lbs -
In Stock
Please note: Safety Guard Rails are Non-Returnable Items
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Safety guard rails are perfect for use in the warehouse or factory! Use the guard rails to prevent damage to expensive equipment or to protect employees! Using safety guard rails in the factory can save money on potential insurance claims and building repairs! The safety rails are constructed of formed 10 gauge steel and come in minimum lengths of 1' and maximum lengths of 12'. These safety rails can withstand impacts of up to 10,000 lbs at 4 miles per hour! All sections of the safety rails are powder coated yellow for safety and visibility. The top rails are rounded to prevent injuries and provide added personal protection. The base plates of the rails are 10"sq X 5/8" thick. All fasteners are included. The safety rails are 12" tall and the rail posts are available in heights up to 42" tall! The safety rails install in minutes! Optional "lift out" rails available!

Product Features

  • Heavy duty 10 gauge formed steel construction
  • Multiple sizes to choose allow for custom setups for specific locations
  • Powder coated safety yellow
  • Installs in minutes
  • Protects expensive and valuable equipment
  • Posts have open sides for easy access for installation
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • All measurements are taken from center-to-center of the posts
  • Concrete drill required for installation


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