Raider Salt Shield
Raider Salt Shield

Don't let rust shorten the lifespan of your sleds; The trailer salt and spray shield from Raider deflects slush and road grime, sending it to the sides of the trailer. Constructed of heavy duty thermoformed HDPE, this shield won't shatter, crack, or split, even in sub-zero temperatures. The salt shield fits trailers measuring 92" to 102" wide, and easily removes with the included quick-release kit.

  • Keeps salt and slush off of your sleds
  • Heavy duty, thermoformed HDPE construction
  • Won't shatter, crack, or split, even in sub-zero temperatures
  • Easy installation and removal

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Salty road spray and slush can pose a serious threat to snowmobiles hauled on an open trailer. The spray and salt shield from Raider keeps salt off your sleds, deflecting it towards the sides of the trailer instead. Made from heavy duty HDPE, this snowmobile trailer shield can handle sub-zero temps and won't crack or split. The Raider salt installs easily with simple hand tools, and fits trailers measuring 92" to 102" wide. When not needed, an included quick-release kit allows the trailer shield to be easily removed.

Trailers 92" to 102" wide

Product Features

  • Deflects harmful salt spray and road debris towards the sides of the trailer
  • Ultra-durable HDPE construction
  • Thermoformed design prevents cracking and splitting
  • Stays strong even in below-zero temperatures
  • Easily installs with simple hand tools
  • Included quick-release kit allows the shield to be easily removed

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