Caliber Snowmobile Trailer Salt Shield

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Protect your snowmobile, ATV, or motorcycle from corrosive salt and road spray during transportation with the Caliber Snowmobile Trailer Salt Shield. The salt shield features high-density polyethylene plastic that won't shatter, crack, split, or dent to ensure maximum protection for your powersport vehicles.

  • 25-1/5" high, fits trailers from 95" to 102" wide without modification
  • Included quick-detach kit makes removal quick and easy
  • Tough high-density polyethylene plastic is unaffected by destructive road spray and foreign chemicals or fluids
  • Aerodynamic design directs road spray to the sides of the trailer
  • Includes stainless steel hardware

This snowmobile trailer shield is the ultimate road spray protection for your snowmobile, ATV, or motorcycle. The 25" tall high-density polyethylene plastic directs road spray to the sides of the trailer and away from your powersport vehicle. The salt shield will not shatter, crack, split, or dent, is not affected by extreme cold, and is impervious to destructive road spray and foreign chemicals and fluids.

A quick-detach kit that works on V-Front drive-on, drive-off trailers is included to make removal quick and easy. Fits 95" to 102" wide trailers without modification and installs with basic hand tools.

95" to 102" Wide trailers without modification

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