Thrust Off Road Portable Sand Track

Thrust Off Road portable sand track provides traction for 4WD vehicles in the softest of terrains. Simply unroll the 5' track, position it beneath the stuck wheel, drive over it and you're home free. The durable rubber cross beams and rigid surface provide excellent long-lasting performance in sand, dirt, mud and even snow. The portable sand track compactly stores away in the included carrying bag for easy portability.

  • Provides excellent grip in sand, dirt, mud and snow
  • Durable rubber cross beams provide rigid surface for traction
  • Flexible design rolls up for compact storage
  • Storage bag included
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1 Year Warranty


Recover your 4WD vehicle in sand, mud, dirt and even snow with the Portable Sand Track. Durable rubber mat design features a rigid surface for essential traction in low traction conditions and flexibility for long lasting performance. Simply roll up the sandtrack and store away with included carry bag when not in use.


Even the best offroad drivers can find themselves trapped, Thrust Offroad Accessories Sand Track will provide essential traction in the softest of terrains to break free! Using the sand mat is easy, position the track under a tire and drive over it. The durable rubber cross beams feature a rigid surface providing excellent grip and the flexible design allows the track to form to the tire resulting in additional traction. Not only can the recovery track be used in sand, but it can also be effectively used in dirt, mud and even snow to escape from being stuck. Stainless steel cable construction holds the rubber beams together forming two handles on each end. Containing a clear plastic coat, conveniently grab the handles and adjust the position of the recovery track if necessary. When not in use simply roll-up the mat and wrap it in the included carrying bag. Featuring high strength Velcro and a handle, the bag allows compact storage and easy transportation. Occasional off-road drivers and enthusiasts should always be prepared for situations that contain minimal traction, don't get stuck without the Portable Sand Track! Sold individually, not as a pair. Includes one year manufacturer's warranty.

Sand Track - 5' rubber traction mat for recovery in sand, mud or snow.
23.5 lbs

Product Features

  • 5' in length
  • (38) Durable rubber cross beams
  • Rigid surface provides exceptional traction in soft terrain
  • Flexible design rolls up when not in use for compact storage
  • Features stainless steel cables with clear plastic coating
  • Two handles on each end
  • Carry bag allows easy transportation
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Works great with 4x4 vehicles
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

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